Our Facilities

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Kechara Saraswati Arts is the first Himalayan arts studio in this region and enjoys a host of facilities to support the range of work that we do.

Every workstation is assigned a respective function. For example, there is a purpose-built sewing room, the painting room, a beading and jewellery section, the mantra rolling corner, and a chill-out lounge area named the Hring Room.

In October 2010, KSA moved to the SunwayMas area, joining the rest of the Kechara family of departments. With creative working spaces that are in tune with our department’s spiritual aspirations, above all, our studio is a living reflection of the heart of our Divine Patron, Saraswati.

Visitors and volunteers receive a warm reception at KSA

Relax as you check out KSA's previous work displayed

A mini reading corner and AV corner next to a small retail section of Kechara Media & Publications' books

The general working area is a fun space to chat with friends over some mantra-rolling or beading

The Saraswati altar which adorns and blesses the department

Tired staff and volunteers have a cosy space to chill out and watch the fish glide by

The pantry does well to serve hungry staff and volunteers

In the painting room, statues are given their beautiful features and finishings

Our staff are skilled sculptors and craftsmen

With a whole range of finishings available, you can have your statue just the way you like it

The sewing and embroidery room

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