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Siven, Shanmuga and Dorey have a new start in life at ISS Protection Sdn Bhd

At Kechara Soup Kitchen, we wish to help our clients become self-sufficient, empowering them with the means to end their own homeless situation. It is for this reason that we provide job placement opportunities, as well as skills training to help them become more employable.

Our clients have many reasons for being unable to afford a home – some have been deemed too old to work by their previous employers; others lack the skills that make them competitive players in today’s job market. Whatever their reason for being on the streets, for many of our homeless clients, the drive to work and provide for themselves has not been lost.

Help these men and women regain their dignity and give them a chance to serve society once again. With a lifetime of experience and great mental fortitude (you need it to survive on the streets!), our homeless clients may be some of the best employees you ever have.

Give them a chance today, that is all they are asking for.

If you are able to provide employment opportunities or training for our clients, please contact our Project Director Justin Cheah at or +6010 333 3260.

Socially Responsible Employers

Kechara Soup Kitchen and our clients have been fortunate enough to be in touch with many kind companies over the years. Taking their Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, these companies provide our clients with the means to reintegrate into society and become serving members once again.

Please join us in thanking the kind management of these companies for making use of their fortunate positions so our clients can end their homelessness once and for all.


  • Puchong Lake View Café
  • ECO-Natural Gas Technology Sdn Bhd
  • Silver Refrigeration Sdn Bhd

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  1. I have working experience in recruitment and please advise me how can I help in job placement. I can be contacted at 016-2078189.

    Thank you.