Soup Kitchen Building

3 May 2009 - 7:20am Comments Off

As a mobile distribution unit, it was inevitable that Kechara Soup Kitchen would miss some of our clients each weekend due to their itinerant nature and lack of a fixed address. Whenever it rained, which is frequently in our tropical country, oftentimes our clients could not be found.

This situation emphasised the urgency of our permanent soup kitchen building, which was purchased just off Jalan Imbi. After extensive renovation to the building, we began daily operations on 6 September 2010.

With our new permanent facilities, we'll be better equipped to handle our clients' needs

At our permanent Soup Kitchen building, we distribute hot meals (lunch) on weekdays and dinner on Saturdays, provide dining and resting facilities plus laundry services for the clients. Our clients will also have access to employment advice.

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