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Since its incorporation in December 2007, Kechara Discovery (KD) has been working to create and source for many beautiful Buddha images. This department represents an important vision of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche. Rinpoche has a wish for his friends and students to bring home beautiful and affordable and yet iconographically-accurate Buddha images to further their spiritual practice, and that is how KD was initially conceptualized.

Kechara Discovery’s first office was set up at SS2, occupying just a small room inside Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA). The office tables, chairs and glass display cabinet at that time were kindly sponsored by Rinpoche’s long-time friend and student, Robert and Lee Ho. It was a big help for the newly formed Kechara Discovery because we had no other financial support.

Kechara Discovery's previous office in SS2, Petaling Jaya, which occupied a room inside Kechara Saraswati Arts

Having an office side-by-side with KSA was fun because there was always  human interaction. Friends and volunteers are always curious about this small little room, that was mostly occupied by Buddha images and offering items of all sorts. Everyone who came in would start to browse through the collection, having lots of fun as if they were browsing through an old antique garage looking for hidden treasures.

The office walls were surrounded by lots of Buddha statues and images. Visitors always find it interesting to browse through each and every single Buddha statue that I have collected as display samples

The SS2 office also served as a convenient location to meet new friends and volunteers because the Murni restaurant, which is just below KSA, was one of our favorite hang outs. It was our “teh tarik” destination for meeting up and chit-chatting after a hard day’s work. Let’s not forget our favorite “Maggie goreng” and “Mango special”. These are our staple foods for all the volunteers and everyone working in KSA. I remember clearly what it was like in KSA all the time and I treasure those days very much. I recall sharing the same table with two other volunteers who were working side-by-side.  I was constantly meeting new people on the same table, with my computer, printer, fax machine, telephone, files and stationeries all over the same table along with the many Buddha images that surrounded me.

At that time, the department was small and I was just alone. But it was fun at that time because so many people came in and out daily and everyone just loved to hangout in KSA. We were like a big family. Some would be painting, rolling mantras, and sharing Dharma knowledge with each other.

In July 2009, I received Rinpoche’s blessings to expand KD into a 700 sq-ft office. The new office is located  just right across from Kechara House 2 in SunwayMas. This office has a Manager’s room, a common working area, a small pantry area and a toilet. Now, we are expanding and we need an even bigger space to display the statues and additional tables for volunteers to work at.

The two glass display cabinets and a pigeon hole cabinet are all displaying very beautiful Buddha images and offering items

In the Manager’s room, I have my own desk and a huge meeting table. The common working area has three working tables for volunteers to work on. Most of the time, we sit at the meeting table and work together. The sense of teamwork empowered everybody to move forward and work closer together. We have Kechara Discovery in-house meetings, numerous meetings, Chinese Division meetings, Kechara InMotion meetings, book production meetings, meetings with Kechara Paradise Managers, customers and many other meetings to get things going. People who visited our office loved it very much because the office is cozy and comfortable and yet the energy of our staff is vibrant and dynamic.

The enamel offering series was especially sourced for Kechara members and friends

Andy Lee, being the talented graphic designer that he is, has given invaluable input and technical know-how in setting up the new office. Andy designed the office layout on his computer and he took a lot of time to help me figure out how to fit the four display cabinets and five wooden shelves needed to display the Buddha statues. On top of that, we had to figure out how the three working tables, two metal filing cabinets, a double-seater sofa, a long meeting table plus two metal storage shelves were going to fit within this 700 sq feet office. It was a challenging task, but in the end, it turned out to be an excellent arrangement for an office.

When we moved into this office, things started to move much faster. First, we  completed the 7-ft tall Rinpoche Statue, then we produced many Buddha pendants and printed a very beautiful brochure of our pendants. The current count for our Buddha pendant designs to date (March 2010) is over 200 unique designs. We also created and completed new statues of a 1-meter tall statue of the long life form of Lama Tsongkhapa, a 1 meter tall Green Tara, a 1 meter tall Dzambala and a 5 meter tall White Tara. And don’t forget that the publication of the Vajrayogini Coffee table Book, with both Chinese and English versions was completed in this office as well. All this would not have been possible without the support, advice and blessings of Rinpoche, and the kind assistance of the volunteers.

Nice working tables were set up for volunteers and full time staff

Making offerings is a fundamental Buddhist practice, helping a practitioner to create the merits for conducive conditions to receive and practise the Dharma. Inspired by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, Kechara Discovery (KD) was formed in 2007 to provide spiritual practitioners with a convenient means of making offerings. We do this by creating, designing, sourcing and producing the highest quality statues and ritual offering items that are iconographically accurate, according to traditional Tibetan scriptures.

Since its inception, KD has gone from strength to strength. Under the leadership of Liaison Paul Yap, KD moved into its own office in (insert date). Paul has worked hard to diversify product lines to include more deities, more materials and more designs. This involves travelling to remote areas, to locate the best statue makers and jewellers to create and produce the intricate and exclusive designs that KD has become famous for.

KD has also expanded its staff count to include Yvonne Yap and Louise Lee, both of whom assist Paul in the day-to-day operations of KD.

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