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Tsem Ladrang is the residence and private office of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, and the headquarters of the KECHARA organisation. The word Ladrang literally consists of two words, ‘la’ which means lama and ‘drang’ which means residence.

Traditionally, all high Lamas will have a Ladrang which administers to the Lama’s secular work so he can teach the Dharma. The Ladrang also functions to ensure the continuity of the Lama’s work after his passing and is maintained to await the Lama’s next incarnation.

Tsem Ladrang contains His Eminence’s personal living quarters, administrative offices for the Ladrang staff, an audience room and a central prayer hall that is dedicated especially towards KECHARA’s Dharma work and growth.

While Tsem Ladrang’s main headquarters is in Malaysia; there are also Ladrangs which have been established in Kathmandu, Nepal and Gaden Monastery, India.

The daily operations of the Ladrang are overseen and executed by the dedicated team of Ladrang staff. The Ladrang’s responsibilities include:

  • Attending to His Eminence’s secular needs
  • Preparing for teachings and Dharma events
  • Arranging for private audiences and/or divinations
  • Managing correspondence, gifts and offerings
  • Media and Communications for H.E. and the Kechara organisation
  • Spreading H.E.’s Dharma teachings via multimedia and online resources
  • Overseeing and supporting the KECHARA organisation in all ways necessary

The Ladrang is administered by an able team, overseen by the Ladrang Liaisons, who consist of Datuk May Phng, JP Thong, Chuah Su Ming, Ooi Beng Kooi and Loh Seng Piow. Ultimately, the Ladrang takes care of all secular matters of the Lama and centre, to relieve the Lama of mundane duties so that he can focus solely on teaching and spreading the Dharma.

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