Teachings and Initiations

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His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche gives occasional public teachings throughout the year at the Dharma centres Kechara House 1 and Kechara House 2. Such teachings are open to all members of the public. The teachings and public talks are usually free. However, for certain special or extended teachings, a small fee may be charged. The funds go towards the Dharma center’s upkeep and maintenance. For these teachings, students are required to reserve their seat via a registration process.

His Eminence’s teachings are given in English. For those who prefer listening to the teachings in Chinese, live translation into Mandarin Chinese is available over a wireless headset. Please indicate if you desire the translation service when you register, as the headsets are popular and availability is limited.

All teachings are followed by a question and answer session. His Eminence encourages understanding based on logical thinking and debate, and will answer as many questions as time permits.

Initiations and empowerments of higher tantric deities such as Vajrayogini are only given by invitation and are not open to the public

His Eminence has given a number of public empowerments and initiations in the past. However, His Eminence has always stressed the importance of learning and practicing real Dharma in our daily lives rather than chasing after initiations and empowerments. As such, His Eminence now only grants closed initiations to those who are qualified to receive them.

His Eminence also gives closed teachings which are by invitation only.

At public teachings, when His Eminence enters the gompa and ascends the teaching throne, it is customary for His Eminence’s students to stand up and prostrate three times to the throne. Prostrations are not compulsory for all so if you are new and are unsure what to do, you may simply bow your head with respect.

At the end of the teachings, when His Eminence leaves, it is not encouraged to prostrate to him as it represents that you will not see His Eminence again.

Please do not approach His Eminence directly. Should you wish to contact His Eminence, please consult one of the Ladrang Liaisons who will be happy to help.

To be informed about public teachings by email, please contact us at [email protected]com.

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