Independent Rescue

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Even as we look forward to the future Kechara Animal Sanctuary with a piece of land that is large enough to provide a safe, comfortable and natural environment for rescued animals, we are doing everything we can right now to help animals and create the causes to realise this vision.

Our finest example and inspiration is of course none other than H.E Tsem Rinpoche.

Although a high reincarnate lama with many responsibilities, Rinpoche always finds the time to help animals in danger, may it be through his visits to the pets store or news received through word of mouth and also through the Internet.

For instance, Rinpoche personally helped to save Sue, a Labrador-Retriever mix whose owners had to move away due to mortgage problems and losing their home. Sue was to be put to death in two days if no one adopted her.

Saving Sue the labrador

All the way in Malaysia, Rinpoche read about her plight and spent the whole night on Twitter and Facebook trying to establish connections in America to find Sue a home. It was a long shot but certainly worth it because today Sue is alive thanks to the undying compassion of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and others like him. Whoever says compassion can ever be limited by boundaries?

With Rinpoche as an example, students and volunteers at Kechara are actively inspired to cultivate their kindness to animals. Many have fostered, adopted and found homes for sickly puppies and abandoned kittens; many have saved animals from slaughter at the brink of death.

Others have taken proactive steps to learn all about animal care from established organisations to prepare for the eventual operations of Kechara Animal Sanctuary, while veterinarians, dog trainers and volunteers are already on standby to offer their assistance.

Skinny and underfed George has now found a loving home

We patched up Patches' two broken hind-legs


... and Davis were taken to the vets to have their infections treated

Trinley the kitten, rescued from the streets

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