Ladrang Sanctuary

5 May 2010 - 6:42am 1 Comment

At H.E Tsem Rinpoche’s Ladrang or private residence, it is no surprise that there are many animals to remind us of our responsibility. A large and airy aviary has been built within its compound, filled with all kinds of birds from pigeons and cockatiels to cockatoos and conures. Even the occasional wild sparrows who willingly seek shelter in this refuge.

In the landscaped gardens are homes for tortoises replenished with fresh vegetables, and well-laid tracks for the occasional romps of Rinpoche’s dog Yogi and his visiting friends, and perhaps a curious tom cat or two.

Rinpoche's dog Yogi takes a nap in the caring environment of the Ladrang

Within the Ladrang and the larger Kechara organisation, you will also notice that many departments and individual workstations are decorated with lively aquariums – not only for their aesthetic value but also for students to practice loving kindness to living beings.

It’s Rinpoche’s encouragement not to live just for ourselves, but a small sacrifice with effort and commitment to take care of fishes by feeding them, cleaning their homes and ensuring that they are safe, happy and comfortable.

The Ladrang Animal Sanctuary is not incidental, nor is it an occasional past time. It is a definite step initiated by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche to create the causes for the greater good of Kechara Animal Sanctuary for the benefit of other living beings.

Ladrang tortoises Kadro and Menlha take a dip in the pool

Drolkar the cockatoo gets along well with the many sun conures

Oser (meaning clear light) is the latest addition to the Ladrang sanctuary

The ever-curious sun conures are always sticking their beaks into the middle of everything

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