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If not now, when?

H.E Tsem Rinpoche

All it takes is a shift in mental attitude to get on your feet to be involved. Now! You will be greatly rewarded in feeling good about yourself having made a positive action to do your bit, however little, to spread a little kindness. Join us by clicking on your choice of involvement. If not now, when?

Sponsor An Animal

It has been said that RM1 a day is all it takes to keep an animal healthy, comfortable and happy. Sponsor an animal by committing your compassion into positive action. Besides, what can RM30 buy you these days? An extra pair of ear-rings or another material possession which you don’t really need? Put it into another living being, and rest assured, it will be infinitely more fulfilling.

Don't buy tortoiseshell, sponsor a tortoise instead!


Share a room in your heart and a space in your home with any of these animals which have nowhere to go and no one to turn to for a little love and compassion. It really doesn’t take that much to make a little adjustment to welcome another small member into your family.

A welcome addition to your family!


If you really can’t home an animal yourself, you can still help by finding homes for them with your friends, family and relatives or even neighbours and acquaintances. Activate your network now and you could be surprised by the power of your word of mouth.

Take me home... PLEASE?


“Fostering” means providing temporary shelter for animals which need them very urgently, for example a dog which has only days to live before it is put to death; or abandoned kittens which have no way of surviving on their own until they are older. Please help to foster animals because it is usually when they are in need the most – in a matter of life and death.

Many birds that come to us need to be hand-reared and fed as they are still very young


Commit some of your time and service as a volunteer to help animals. All are welcome with open arms from students and housewives to veterinarians, dog trainers and walkers, animal behaviourists and pet groomers to people with vans and trucks for transportation. Kindness to animals is perhaps the only pre-requisite.

Feed the tortoises!

Wish List

At the top of our wish list is, of course, the manifestation of Kechara Animal Sanctuary! For it to be realised, a piece of land of approximately 30 acres is required on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, preferably in the Bentong area. Large enough to shelter a fair number of rescued animals among which are the sick, abused and abandoned, it should at the same time have enough room for animals to roam freely for their psychological rehabilitation. In H.E Tsem Rinpoche’s vision we trust will manifest an animal sanctuary for those who are weaker than ourselves.

Can you help us fulfil our wish list?


The more you give, the more you receive. It’s a universal wisdom from Christianity to Tibetan Buddhism, giving us a glimpse of the laws of existence that works in wondrous ways. Make a donation today, no matter how big or small, to make a difference to LIFE – of others and for ourselves.

Who could resist a face like that? Please make a donation to help us keep going!

17 Responses to Get Involved

  1. How do one from overseas make donation?

  2. hi how do i volunteer for animal sanctuary? Pls do let me know….tnx!

    • To volunteer in the animal sanctuary or for more information, please get in touch with Martin 0142270585. The number will be active from 24 Jan 2011 onwards.

  3. beng..thanks for reply…will contact Martin…^^

  4. Can I make a donation in the name of my own pets and other family members, please?

    Thank you.

  5. Can i know Kechara account number where i can transfer the money directly to help the animals?I don’t have credit card so i can’t donate online.

    • Hi Lim, thank you so much for your kind intent to contribute! The KAS bank details are as follows:

      Name: Kechara Animal Sanctuary Society
      A/C no.: 564801011710

  6. I wld like to volunteer my time & sponsorship. What is the exact location of your animal sanctuary?

    • Hi Jo, as of the current moment, we do not have an animal sanctuary as we do not have land. Animals who are rescued are either living in our friends’ homes, or boarded at selected vets who are kind enough to offer us a discounted rate in support of the work we are doing.

      As you can imagine however, this adds up to quite a high operational cost so we are looking for land very urgently. In the meantime, if you can foster or adopt an animal, that would also be fantastic.

      If you want to find out more information about how you can get involved, check out

  7. Is this a Buddhist sanctuary & are all members of this religion? Are we supposed to embrace Buddhism if we are not?

    • Hi Jo, it is a sanctuary that runs on the Buddhist principles of no killing. That means we do not euthanise our animals, and we treat them in the same way we would treat humans – with love, respect and care. Whilst the committee are members of Kechara (and therefore Buddhist), it does not mean volunteers have to be Buddhist.

  8. How exactly does one sponsor an animal?

    • Hi A.MD, we have cases of animals who need ongoing medical treatment, as well as animals who have little chance of being adopted because of their medical history, age, look or size – these animals still need food, annual check-ups, etc. Sponsoring an animal means sponsoring the cost of an individual animal’s continued care with KAS :) it’s a good way of getting involved for people who want to help animals but don’t have the space or time to adopt an animal themselves (e.g. people who live in apartments). If you contact KAS (, they’ll be able to furnish you with details of specific cases if you’re interested to help.

  9. Type your comment here
    To transfer online, I need the name of the bank. The account number given is : Kechara Animal Sanctuary Society
    A/C no.: 564801011710.
    Please add the name of the bank.