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Nepal is famed for its Buddhist art and hand-made crafts. As you walk down the streets, every other store seems to offer items that are Buddhist-inspired and it is sometimes tricky to decide what to bring home with you. Kechara Lounge particularly recommends the following stores if you are looking for something special as a memento of your visit to Kathmandu.

Buddhist Art

  • Third Eye (Boudhanath)
    Good quality statues, pendants and a small selection of offering items
  • Stupa International (Boudhanath)
    Statues and Buddhist-inspired objects d’art. More expensive but the quality is excellent.
  • Kiran Handicraft (Boudhanath)
    Statues and some pendants
  • Susan’s Collection (Kathmandu Guest House, Thamel)
    A collection of statues, Buddhist-inspired objects d’art and jewellery
  • Fabulous Handicraft (Thamel)
    A wide selection of statues. They also have a branch in Boudhanath.
  • Curio Arts (Durbar Marg)
    Extremely fine Buddha images and spiritual artefacts. Prices are high but the quality is top-notch and the art is inspired.

Nepal is famed for its high-quality Buddha images

Turquoise tsa tsas can be found on many street corners

Silver Items

  • Rajan Shakya (Boudhanath)
    High quality and reasonably priced silver ritual items, offering items and statues

Exquisite silver and gold plated offering items

Copper and Plated Items

  • Anik Handicraft (Boudhanath)
    Extremely wide selection of copper ritual and offering items, available in a range of finishings. Choose from antique silver, gold-plated, oxidised copper, and many other combinations.

Copper prayer wheels are a crowd-pleaser

Thangka and Tailoring Services

  • Raj Kumar Master Tailor (Boudhanath)
    Renowned master tailor for making thangkas, brocades for temples and monasteries, monk robes and just about anything that can be sewn! He also offers a wide selection of top-quality 100% Varanasi silk brocades to buy by the metre. His modest shop belies his skills, reputation, and how much his services are sought-after. Definitely the best tailor in all of Nepal!
  • Gauri Thangka (Thamel)
    Wide selection of thangkas in Nepalese and Tibetan styles. If you have enough time, thangkas can also be custom-made by their in-house artists.
  • Laxmi Impex (Thahity)
    Located at the main intersection of Thahity Chowk, this fabric-specialist offers ready-made thangkas, brocade decorations, monk bags, and even reams of cloth to make your own Tibetan chuba!

A wall of thangkas

Master tailor Raj Kumar (left)


  • Pilgrim’s Bookstore (Thamel)
    Biggest bookstore in Kathmandu with a huge selection of books including an extensive section on Buddhism. The main store in Thamel has a “feed and read” café in the back garden. There are two other branches – one located further down the road in Thamel and a second location in Patan
  • Tibet Book Store (Thamel)
    Established bookstore on the main access road into Thamel with a large selection of mainly Buddhist books

The one and only Pilgrims Book House in Thamel

Buddhist Paraphernalia

  • Boudha Buddhist Goods (Boudhanath)
    Ritual instruments like vajras, bells, damarus, Tibetan drums as well as many brocade items.

Damarus (ritual drums) line the shelves

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