Where To Stay

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Kathmandu provides a wide range of accommodation options, each of different price and quality. Kechara Lounge’s recommended choices include Kathmandu Guest House, Park Village Hotel and the Hyatt Hotel, depending on your budget.

Garden courtyard concept at Kathmandu Guest House

Kathmandu Guest House is by far the most popular choice, due to its convenient location and reasonable prices. For a more luxurious setting, one may opt to stay in the Hyatt Kathmandu, located a short distance from Boudhanath and its famous stupa. Park Village Hotel is situated further from the city center, but offers a choice of apartments, cottages or hotel rooms in a green, countryside setting.

The Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

  • Kathmandu Guest House: +977 1 4700 800,  +977 1 4700 632
  • Hyatt Kathmandu: +977 1 4491 234
  • Park Village Hotel: +977 1 4375 280

Park Village Hotel

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