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When your ‘office’ is located in one of the most famous spiritual places in the world, it is not just another vocation. It becomes a spiritual retreat with the perks of a vacation.

If you wish to escape mundane life and go to a far-away place, immerse yourself in another country and culture, or start yourself on a spiritual journey, then joining Kechara Lounge in Kathmandu on a long-term basis may just be the ‘passport’ you seek.

Volunteering at the Lounge is a rewarding experience

For those who wish to make a difference and bring real meaning to their holiday vacation, volunteering in Kechara Lounge can be a way for you to develop your spiritual practice. Alternatively, make a donation to the Lounge to keep us going – it can be your personal spiritual offering to the Three Jewels.

To learn more about how you can make a difference and contribute to Dharma and Kechara, kindly please contact Ms. Chuah Su Ming at [email protected].

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