Our Team

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Liaison Chuah Su Ming is the Manager of Kechara Lounge, working closely with her trusty hard-working team, David Lai and Ranju Thapa.

Since Kechara Lounge opened its doors in February 2009, both Su Ming and David take turns flying in and out of Kathmandu, managing the Lounge and staying connected with their amazing network of friends and supporters that have welcomed Kechara into their hearts.

Ranju Thapa is Kechara Lounge’s full time Administrator. She joined the Kechara Lounge team in April 2009 and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Lounge, working closely with Su Ming and David.

Ranju Thapa, Kechara Lounge's administrator

Be it in recommending places to dine, shop and tour, or in explaining the many benefits of making spiritual offerings, to the significance of the Lama’s throne and much more, our team is at hand and happy to assist in providing all kinds of information that a tourist or pilgrim would find invaluable.

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