Our History

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“Cradled between the earth and sky
Surrounded by the stunning Himalayas
Time and space transcend
This very place
Past Buddhas’s speeches
Pervade the air and landscapes
While Living Buddhas walk the streets
Where Future Buddhas have yet to teach
An eternity of Spirituality
Unfolds from the windows of this room
Inside Kechara’s Heart.”

~Shirley Maya Tan

Kechara Lounge was founded in early 2009 to serve as Kechara’s international visitor centre in Nepal. Located at the heart of the Boudhanath Stupa, one of the holiest Buddhist pilgrimages sites, the Lounge was conceptualised by a few of Rinpoche’s closest students during a pilgrimage trip to Kathmandu in November 2008. With the blessings of our Lama, an ideal location manifested within a stone’s thrown of the holy Boudhanath stupa.

After months of renovation spearheaded by Ladrang Liaison Chuah Su Ming, the Lounge opened its doors to the public on 15th February 2009. It was a historic moment for the Kechara Organisation, heralding the beginning of our expansion to foreign shores. It is, literally, Kechara’s window to the world.

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