Chinese New Year Lucky Draw!

24 February 2010 - 11:48pm Comments Off

The resumption of the Manjushri Kids’ Class (MKC) after Chinese New Year was marked with a Hong Bao (red packet) Lucky Draw for the children…it definitely made the smiles on their bright, happy faces even wider!

Stepping in to Kechara House 2, the children could not help but notice the display of toys and prizes. Kids being kids, they instantly began to hover around the toys, thinking of ways to get their hands on their choice before the lucky draw had even begun.

This lucky draw was not just any other lucky draw, involving a game of strategy and accuracy (as the kids soon discovered!). A small magnetic dartboard was hung up and one by one, the kids stepped up to take their turn. The mechanics were simple – each child had three throws and if they hit the correct segments on the dartboard, they won the prize of their choice! The biggest prize was won by hitting the bull’s eye!

To make the game more fair, children under five were allowed to be closer to the target. Although there were loads of prizes up for grabs, including cool robots and the ever-popular Monopoly board game, there were also plenty of lollipops, small badges and small Pokemon toys to sweeten the misses.

The kids clamoured to begin, so they were each given a lucky draw coupon, with an additional coupon for those who participated in the mantra singing performance at the recent Grand Setrap & Dzambala Puja. These coupons were then drawn to determine the throwing sequence of the kids.

The anticipation and excitement was apparent on the kids’ faces, with a lot of shared laughter and shouts of encouragement. The MKC children were also very generous to restrict themselves to one prize only meaning every child went home with a prize at the end of the day.

It was so much fun even for the spectators! For more information about the monthly Manjushri Kids’ Class prize draw, go to or contact Kechara House at +603 7803 3908 (or [email protected]).

Manjushri Kids’ Class is Kechara House’s education initiative to promote Dharma and the attitudes of compassion, wisdom and universal responsibility amongst our children. Taught by enthusiastic volunteers, the class aims to give children a head start in their practice of the Six Paramitas, by teaching them generosity, ethics, patience, joyous effort, concentration and wisdom.

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