Kechara In Nepal

6 July 2009 - 7:31pm 1 Comment

Kechara Lounge, Kathmandu

Nepal has always been one of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s favourite spiritual destinations. His Eminence has led many large groups of students on pilgrimages to this holy destination, and will continue to do so, from time to time. This is after all, the birth place of Buddhism.

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche leads his students on a pilgrimage to Guru Rinpoche's cave in Parphing

KECHARA has since established its first international visitor centre – Kechara Lounge, Nepal – close to the world-famous Boudhanath Stupa. With its strategic location, and unobstructed views of the holy stupa, Kechara Lounge provides visitors, local and foreign, with a place to relax and acquaint themselves with Rinpoche’s teachings through books and DVDs.

During the grand opening of Kechara Lounge

The Lounge also provides an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the Kechara organisation from one of our friendly volunteers and staff, or it can simply be a place to find out more about Kathmandu through its resource library and services.

Kechara Media & Publication's books now available in Kechara Lounge!

Kechara continues to expand our presence in Nepal with a few on-going projects including Tsem Ladrang Kathmandu, Kechara Soup Kitchen Nepal, supporting the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre, distribution of Kechara Media & Publications’ books in Thamel, and building our Nepal Retreat Centre.

Kechara - in the heart of Kathmandu

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