Tsem Ladrang, Kathmandu

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The butterlamp house dedicated to Buddha Vajrayogini

With the expansion of the Kechara organisation’s activities and presence internationally, it is only befitting to establish the Guru’s abode first and foremost in the same country or city. Everything of value and meaning stems from the Lama, and everything grows with the blessings of the Lama. Without the Guru, there can be no teaching, no explanation, or progression in one’s learning and spiritual development.

The Audience Room

Therefore, Tsem Ladrang was established in 2008 in a peaceful mountainous area in the north of Kathmandu. The Ladrang in Nepal serves as His Eminence’s residence when visiting Kathmandu, and is the base from which the Ladrang team conducts their operations in Nepal. It is also a place where His Eminence’s students can stay when visiting Kathmandu for pilgrimages, retreats, volunteering or just as a break from their daily routine.

5ft Vajrayogini on the main altar

One of the unique features of the Nepal Ladrang, is the butterlamp house, specially built towards the rear of the ladrang to accommodate over 1100 butterlamps. Light offerings are made daily to the Buddha Vajrayogini for the growth of the organisation. This holy facility allows not only Rinpoche to engage in Light Offering Retreats, but also gives everyone else a chance to do so as well.

Lighting butterlamps in the butterlamp house

It is Rinpoche’s wish that everyone can engage in this practice of light offerings, especially to make vast offerings to the Three Jewels. Rinpoche has explained on numerous occasions that butterlamp offerings hold the key in helping us to lift the darkness of ignorance and gain wisdom. By making these light offerings, we collect vast amounts of merit and create the karmic causes for us to receive and understand Dharma teachings more clearly and deeply. Ultimately, it helps us all in gaining true happiness that lasts throughout lifetimes.

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche dedicating the merits of the butterlamp offerings

For more information on how you can participate in a butterlamp retreat, please contact Liaison Ooi Beng Kooi at [email protected].

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H.E. Tsem Rinpoche's seat in the waiting room

Butterlamps are offered to Vajrayogini every night

The first audience for our Nepalese friends at Tsem Ladrang, Kathmandu

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