White Tara Mantra Bank Project

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H.E. Tsem Rinpoche once tweeted:

The ability to go spiritual is very rare like finding water on Mars. When you do, bottle it.

Finding a spiritual guide is just as rare, like finding a needle in a haystack. And when you do, you should cherish this precious find, show your love and gratitude.

Let’s join forces to pray for our Guru’s long life. Your mantra deposits in our White Tara Mantra Bank will help prolong Tsem Rinpoche’s life.

Target for mantra recitation of White Tara Mantra is
5 Million White Tara Mantras
by October 24th 2015, Tsem Rinpoche’s next birthday.

Every mantra counts. Make yours count.

It’s easy to contribute. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Start by Taking Refuge
  2. Next recite Gaden Lhagyama and Migtsema
  3. Recite the prayer to White Tara: A Gem To Increase Life and Wisdom
  4. Recite White Tara’s Mantra OM TARE TUTTARE TURE MAMA AYUH PUNYA JANA PUTRIM KURUYE SOHA. A minimum of one mala per day is recommended.
  5. End with a dedication
  6. Submit your mantra counts daily or weekly below!

*White Tara’s prayer and mantra can also be inserted into your daily sadhana, at any point after Guru Yoga and before your dharma protector prayers.

Deposit Your Mantras

Total Mantra Bank Deposits

About This Project

Having a compassionate and enlightened teacher such as H.E. Tsem Rinpoche will lead one on a spiritual journey toward ultimate peace, happiness and liberation from suffering. And to have a special being such as Tsem Rinpoche live long will no doubt benefit and inspire many to do something meaningful with their lives. Hence, this is why we would like to invite you to come onboard with us on this special project to help prolong the life of this special being.

The White Tara Mantra Bank Project has multifold benefits. Although White Tara is revered by many for bestowing longevity and healing, she also aids her followers in overcoming obstacles, especially those that impede one’s spiritual practice. While this project’s main aim is for Tsem Rinpoche’s long life and stable health, participating in this meritorious project will also spur one’s own spiritual journey ahead. Without obstacles or negativities, one will be on the highway straight towards Enlightenment.

About White Tara

Born from the tears of compassion of Chenrezig who was weeping looking at the sufferings of the world, White Tara emerged from a lotus that sprang forth from the lake of compassionate tears. Symbolising never-ending compassion, both White Tara and Green Tara work tirelessly to relieve and eliminate sufferings of all sentient beings.

Her white colour represents purity, wisdom and truth. She is sometimes called Mother of all Buddhas as she embodies motherly compassion and is close to all beings, in very much the same way a mother is close to her beloved children.


A picture of calm and serenity, this saviour goddess has seven eyes with two on her palms, two on the soles of her feet and one in the middle of her forehead. Her numerous eyes represent her vigilance and enable her to see all the sufferings in the world. Her perfectly formed body is draped by beautiful rich silks and scarves, leaving her upper body bare, a fashion that was popular in ancient India. She is richly adorned by jewels just like Green Tara. Above her head is Amitayus Buddha, famed for bestowing long life.

White Tara’s right hand is in a boon-granting mudra, bestowing wish-fulfilling Dharma gems to her practitioners. Her slender left hand is in a protective mudra and holds a three-bloom Utpala flower. These three blooms are in the form of (1) a seed, (2) full bloomed and (3) ready-to-bloom. These various stages of blooming signify the past Buddha Krukkachanda (seed), Buddha Shakyamuni (fully bloomed) and future Buddha, Maitreya (ready-to-bloom).

Sitting in a diamond lotus position with her feet point heavenwards, her posture is one of grace and calmness.

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