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Inspired by Kechara Soup Kitchen KL and Penang, Kechara Soup Kitchen Johor Bahru was initiated by a few students of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche and members of Kechara Southern Jewel Chapel, namely Eric Lee, Alan Chan, June Tang and Casteven Lim.

Emulating what the teams in Kuala Lumpur and Penang have been doing, they went on to the streets of Johor Bahru to distribute food to the homeless. Like the other Kechara Soup Kitchens, they started small; distributing a mere 20 packets during their first outing back in July 2011.

Although their group of volunteers was also small to start with, Eric and his team diligently went round the streets to serve their clients every Saturday night without fail, and most of their food items were sponsored from their own pockets.

Their hard work soon paid off when they could serve more and more clients and their group of volunteers grew over the span of two years. Through word of mouth, Kechara Soup Kitchen Johor Bahru has gradually attracted more volunteers and sponsors and now distribute a total of 70 packets of vegetarian food per session.


The KSK team in Johor Bahru distribute every Saturday night, from 10.30pm to 1am. Please note that first time volunteers will be required to attend a compulsory orientation briefing prior to going out on the streets. This is to ensure that all volunteers understand our vision, the process of distribution and most importantly, volunteers’ safety. Therefore, please contact Justin Cheah to sign up for the next orientation briefing prior to volunteering.

The weekly distribution in Johor Bahru covers:

  • Dataran Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru
  • Hospital Tunku Aminah
  • Jalan Trus
  • Johor Bahru Sentral
  • Jalan Wong Ah Fook
  • Taman Sri Tebrau
  • Larkin Bus Terminal

Contact Us

Justin Cheah
Centre Director, Johor Bahru
[m] +6012 209 3813
[e]  justin.cheah@kechara.com

Justin Cheah

Originally from Perak, I came to know about Kechara Soup Kitchen since it first started serving food to the homeless and needy in 2008. I was very moved and felt very fortunate to be involved with all the activities all these years. Volunteering in KSK makes me feel very happy and it is really better than just spending my free time doing nothing. I was also very fortunate and honored to be elected as one of the committee member in Kechara Soup Kitchen.

I love the spirit of giving and helping the poor very much. I grew up in a poor family and maybe that was how I learned to give more to the needy people. Many of my friends did ask me from time to time about things that would make me happy. I would just simply answer by saying the feeling of fulfillment after doing charity work such as Kechara Soup Kitchen’s food distribution rounds. Nothing beats the feeling of watching the homeless clients waving goodbye to you with a full stomach.

It is also very encouraging when you see some of our clients who have already left the streets and are slowly moving back into the society either through KSK’s help or through their own initiative. I believe if we work even harder, we will be able to help many more to get out from their current situation.

I hope more and more new sponsors and volunteers will join in to help ‘fight’ for our meaningful cause. As I am now tasked to head this meaningful project that I believe in very much in Johor Bahru, I hope we can help as many possible homeless and destitute here. We are gradually growing into shape and I hope through our hard work and dedication, we can set up a Soup Kitchen building here in Johor Bahru very soon, just like KL and Penang, for the benefit of many.

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