In Memory of Tamendran Raj

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Pastor Chia rarely pauses long in his speech. But one of the incidents that left Pastor Chia lost for words and in deep thought is that of Tamendran Raj.

Tamendran Raj was just 13 years old when he passed away, leaving his loving parents and family distraught. His condition was severe when he was transferred to a hospital in Kuala Lumpur. His family was worried and distressed as the doctors were unable to diagnose what was wrong with Tamendran.

Coincidently, his ward was just next to Gabriel, another unwell child, whom His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche had given an Amitayus initiation. While visiting Gabriel, Rinpoche found out about Tamendran’s condition.

Rinpoche highlighted Tamendran’s situation in his blog and the outpouring of encouragement and prayers for the boy was overwhelming. Rinpoche gifted Tamendran’s parents with a White Tara statue and instructed prayers to be done for Tamendran. Under Rinpoche’s instructions, Pastor Chia and the other pastors were at the hospital twice weekly to perform prayers for Tamendran.

Among the prayers performed were White Tara’s mantra and Lord Setrap’s prayer. White Tara is the Buddha of Healing and Pastor Chia has complete faith in White Tara blessings for Tamendran. Lord Setrap is the wrathful emanation of Amitabha Buddha and praying to Lord Setrap invokes the blessings for swift removal of obstacles and challenges.

Pastor Chia diligently performed the ritual of black tea offering to Lord Setrap to invoke the Protector’s divine assistance for Tamendran. As the prayers were performed, Tamendran’s condition alleviated. Pastor Chia was hopeful for the strong boy to fight for his life and be reunited with his family again.

His loving parents went to Kechara to take vegetarian vows and make offerings to Lord Setrap. Tamendran’s parents did all of these to collect merits to be dedicated to his recovery. Pastor Chia was very touched by the strong bond of love between parents and child. In their moment of despair and distress, the parents were very appreciative of the support and care received from Kechara.

Unfortunately, not all wishes are fulfilled in life. After the momentary improvement in his health, Tamendran’s condition deteriorated and he passed away. Pastor Chia noted that Tamendran and family did not have any connection with Kechara when they first met in the hospital. However, it was not a coincidence that they met Rinpoche at that time and received so many blessings; it was due to good karma.

Tamendran had the good karma to meet the Dharma and for blessings to come to him at his time of need. Pastor Chia relayed that it was also due to Tamendran’s karma to have passed away at such an early age. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, Pastor Chia is assured that having received many blessings directly from Rinpoche, it would assist Tamendran in taking a good rebirth. Seeds of Dharma had been sown in the boy’s consciousness.

Pastor Chia knew that one cannot have total control of destiny and external factors. But one thing is for sure, Pastor Chia is certain that Dharma have benefited Tamendran in more ways than one.

Above left: Rinpoche asked Liaison Su Ming to place the sacred White Tara statue on Tamedran Raj’s head to give a blessing.
Below left: Tamedran Raj’s parents came to Kechara to take vegetarian vow to dedicate the merits to their son.

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