Wealth Vases

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Wealth vases represent the wealth deities themselves and are incredibly powerful in attracting the energies of wealth and increase. They confer blessings for us to attain inner and outer wealth.

  • Inner : Spiritual attainments
  • Outer : Material wealth, sustenance, financial support

Kechara Paradise’s wealth vases are made according to traditional scriptural methods in the monasteries and contain precious items such as relics from high Lamas, holy items, precious stones, an image of a wealth deity, the five natural elements and mantras. A large puja is done by the high Lamas to consecrate the wealth vases and to seal the holy energies within.

To buy, just walk in to any of our retail stores or shop online at VajraSecrets.com.

36 Responses to Wealth Vases

  1. I have purchase wealth vase in one of your kechara out before.
    I just wandering is my wealth Vase can place in my room ??
    Is it ok i didt make any offering to wealth vase?

    • yes, you can place the wealth vase in your room. But it is best for it to be in a high, clean place. It is ok to not make offerings to your wealth vase. But as the wealth vase contains the wealth buddha’s essence, it would be good (although not essential) for you to make offerings as well.

  2. thanks ,beng.
    what kind of offering will be best …since the wealth vase is in my room…
    or no offering also will do.?

    • If placed on the altar, it would be more convenient to make the usual offerings of incense etc. As it is in your room, and it may be inconvenient to make extensive offerings, it will be fine if you don’t make any offerings. Just keep it in a high place, and clean the casing regularly so that it is dust free.

  3. THanks….Noted :)

  4. Just to share this personal experience. I was at the Dzambala retreat and before the retreat, I had the priviledge to clean the glass cover of the wealth vasa and water offerings to Lord Dzambala. After my return to Singapore, I dreamt that I invited a wealth vase home. During one of the Road shows, I had the opportunity to invite a wealth vase home. Things have change, my friend approach me to rent one of my rooms and I got a new job and my phone get subsidised by the company. I couldnt believe these changes. Many thanks to the opportunity to invite my wealth vase home.

  5. naga wealth vase is different from your wealth vase ,right?9/6/2010 u have a video on do s & donts for naga wealth vase and i notice wealth vase picture in the video shown is exactly the one i invited from kechara paradise.i worried if there are so many rules to follow..pls clear my douts..i collected quiet a few wealth vase frpm KP and still collecting more..

    • Yes, the naga wealth vase is completely different from the wealth vases sold in Kechara Paradise. We have used the image of a generic wealth vase on the video for illustration only. Kechara’s welath vases are all made in the monastery and are of enlightened wealth Buddhas such as Dzambala. So you have nothing to worry about.

  6. I’m new to Dharma & I have just bought 2 sets of The Tsongkhapa Box Set (my husband & me) during my weekend visitation to Sunway Pryamid which we would like to know Buddhism better. May I know since I’m a new comer & would like to bring in one wealth vase into the family (to be place at the alter). Is it alright to purchase & which one is more suitable. As a beginner, I’m interest to attend Buddhism class. I’m only available during my weekend Saturday after 4pm returning from Lumut and Sunday back to Lumut by 5pm which my work station is base in Lumut. I need your advice on how to get into class. Me & my husband have register into the community.

    • Dear Linda,

      Welcome to Kechara and thank you for registering into our community! It is our hope that many more people will register into what we hope will become a global Dharma community!

      To answer your question, any of the wealth vases are suitable for your altar. All our wealth vases are made by the monks in the monastery, and they contain the energy of the wealth deity. We have two types of wealth vases – Dzambala or Wish-Fulfilling and it is up to you which one you prefer.

      As for classes, I would recommend our English Manjushri Class, held every Sunday at 2pm in Kechara House 1. Directions on how to get there are available on this page http://www.kechara.com/kechara-house/contact/

      If you need more help, please do not hesitate to ask

  7. I’m happy to received your reply. TQ Beng. I shall be visiting the outlet during my weekend back to KL.

  8. 聚宝瓶茶会 Wealth Vase, What Price ? & Where can buy it ?

    • Hi Eddie, the wealth vases come in three sizes. Without a protective glass/wooden casing, they are RM800 (small), RM1000 (medium) and RM1200 (large). All of the Kechara Paradise outlets have wealth vases available for you to invite home. You can get in touch with them for more information regarding any promotions…their contact details are at (http://www.kechara.com/shopping/contact/).

      If you can’t make it to an outlet, you can also order a wealth vase from the Kechara eShop (http://www.kechara.com/eshop/). Hope this helps!

  9. I would like to order a wealth vases but I can never find how to order seems very difficult. How do you order a wealth vase from your shop?

  10. Hi, I have the fortune to invite home a wealth vase yesterday during the promotion period.

    My questions are as follows:
    a) When making offerings, is there a specific time for us to do so?
    b) Once the offering is made, how long should we wait until the offering can be removed?
    c) I believe I’ve read somewhere that these offerings (such as food or drinks) can be consumed once they are no longer offerings?
    d) When praying to the wealth vase, what mantras can we use?
    e) Lastly, besides making offerings and praying, what other rituals can we do to harness their power?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Joe,

      You can make offerings any time. Traditionally, offerings are made in the mornings, to start the day on a positive note. And traditionally, offerings are removed at the end of the day, before one retires for the night. However, there is no hard and fast rule about this.

      Yes, some offerings can be consumed once they have been removed from the altar. In fact, they can even be considered a blessing. However, it would be good to check beforehand, as not all offerings are meant to be consumed. Furthermore, the practitioner should also be careful when doing this, as it is possible to offer something because they would like to eat it afterwards, and this mixture of motivation can easily render your practice ineffective.

      You can recite the mantra of the wealth deity whose energy is contained within the vase. Depending on the deity, you may also wish to perform the puja of that deity to further enhance the wealth vase energies.

      More information on wealth vases here

  11. Hi Beng,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I need a bit more clarification about what you were saying about motivation of offering.

    Normally, when I make offerings like fruits and drinks, I would consume them later so as not to waste them. Is that considered improper motivation? Or does it only apply to “hey, I am consuming this offering because it has been blessed.”?

    Thanks again for your reply.

  12. Hi, I have purchased a wealth vase last month at One-Utama and put it on the altar. Referring to Beng’s message, may i know what kind of offerings that should make to my wealth vase?

    • Hi Eric,
      The wealth vase contains the energy of the wealth buddha eg Dzambala, so you can make similar offerings as you would to a Buddha statue. Basically, what you should do with your wealth vase can include the following
      1) Keep it in a high place
      2) Keep it clean
      3) Will be good to offer symbols of wealth to the vase eg pearls, precious stones and even ‘decorate’ the vase with precious items
      4) Offer incense etc
      5) If you place your wealth vase on your altar, the offerings can be shared with the other Buddhas
      6) If you’re very serious about your wealth vase, you can construct a wealth cabinet for your wealth vase, and have yearly prayers done to energise it

  13. Hi Beng,
    thank you very much for your explanation, i’m currently offering a glass of water every morning (change the water everyday) to my wealth vase, is it ok? thanks,

    • Hi Eric, yes of course that is fine – any offering is good as long as it has been obtained by virtuous means (e.g. not stolen), and it is sincere and clean.

      However, it always good to offer more…just kindda goes with the logic that if you put more in, you get more out. Hehehe okay, perhaps that’s not explained so well lah – what I meant was if you want to receive more, it’s always to offer the best that you can, to create the causes for you to receive more. The Buddhas can only help us based on our merits so it is up to us how much help we want to receive. If we want or need more help, create more merits lor! Hehe


  14. What is the price for the Wish Fulfilling (large) and Dzambala wealth vase (large) with the protective glass/wooden casing ?

    What are the different between Dzamballa and Wish Fulfilling wealth vase?

    • Hi Toh, can you please direct your query to the eShop (also known as VajraSecrets)? The email address you’re looking for is [email protected]. Reason being, they’ll be able to give you more detailed info which includes shipping costs.

      Thanks, and good luck!


  15. This is my experience about the Manjusri Wish Fullfilling Wealth Vase that I purchase from Kechara Paradise few days back.
    Actually, this few months I got the problem to dispose off my business stock, they are consider quite a substantial sumto me. After I post my business stock for sale online for more than 6 months no one ask about it, I even got problem convincing the buyer to take it at low price. My monies most of them all stuck in the busines stock. So, last 2 days when I passby Kechara House, actually I am quite sceptical about the wealth vase they are consider expensive to me. Whatever Kechara House objectives are whether for charity or not, my saving almost dry up and very tight. With a little of money left, I just give it a try, so I just invite the wealth vase home put it on the altar. The sales assistant told me to chant the mantra of the wealth buddha 21 times and make my wishes. I just do as wishes and go bump up all the page that I use to post up to sell my stock. The next day, a lot of people start to call up and enquire about them. After so many months, no one call and ask, suddenly so many call up. The most amazing thing is that the 1st customer that I meet up, one shot pay cash and bought everything that I am selling. There are a few more wishes that I ask for favour, hopefully, it will come true. The amount that I pay already recover by the profit that I make and I can even invite a bigger wealth vase with plenty left to fend for expenses for the next few months.
    Its up to you to believe it or not but thats what I experience. Yesterday, still got peoples call up to enquire whether I got more stock. Isn’t it fantastic?

  16. I like to buy one of this wealth vase….
    Please,can some one help me?
    Thank you

  17. Hi, Ive noticed that there are different vases. Can I collect all of them?

  18. I just bought my first wealth vase and upon setting it up, i accidentally touched it with my hands. Is it still ok or do i need to recite any mantra since its been mentioned that we are not allowed to touch it with our bare hands

    • Hi Jason, first of all, don’t worry! It’s not dangerous to touch a wealth vase with your bare hands :) the reason why we’re not recommended to touch it with our bare hands is because it’s a holy object, and imbued with the energies of many prayers and sacred items. I guess it’s better not to ‘taint’ it with our obscurations? Hehehe anyway, just purify your wealth vase with incense and it’ll be okay :)

  19. May I understand the diff between the different sizes besides the price ?
    What are the difference between Dzamballa and Wish Fulfilling wealth vase? I found this question below but there was no reply ?

  20. Hi, i am interested in the wealth vase. Would like to enquiry on if the vase wealth come with a casing? If no, do you offer selling of the casing as well?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks :)

  21. Hi and Happy New Year 2012 to all at Kechara House,
    House do I clean the cloth cover on the wealth vase. I bought the vase many years ago and the cloth looks dirty although it was in the glass casing.
    Please advise

  22. Hi Mr,Ms,

    Actually i have posted my query yesterday however it went missing. :(
    Would like to check with you if the vase wealth come with a casing? If not, do you also offer selling of the casing as well?

    Would also like to know it is necessary to recite on the wealth mantra? If yes, which mantra should i recite?

    Thanks so much. :)

  23. Hi,

    can anyone tell me how to become a member and login to this website?and how to buy the items on this website online?please inform at [email protected] thanks a lot.



  24. i want to buy a wealth vase, pls advice me how to do so, Email me pls thank you