Tsa Tsas

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A smaller portable alternative to statues, tsa tsas were carried around by the nomadic Tibetans during olden times. They are usually made from clay, earth and Lamas’ holy relics but today can also be made from modern materials such as resin or plaster, yet stil retain the same spiritual significance.

Small and light, tsa tsas can be taken with us when we travel abroad, kept in our cars or placed on our altars. Particularly small tsa tsas can be inset in a silver or gold mounting and worn as a pendant, blessing our daily activities.

Pewter tsa tsas

Amitayus Black Manjushri


Gold plated tsa tsas

Manjushri Amitayus Guru Rinpoche


Antique finish tsa tsas

Medicine Buddha Guru Rinpoche


Resin tsa tsas

Manjushri White Tara Dzambala

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  1. Hi Im looking for White Umbrella Buddha Tsa Tsa and Cundi Tsa Tsa. Would you be able to advice whether you have stocks for both types of Tsa Tsa. Greatly appreciate if you could give me a reply to my email.