#3: Auspicious Birth

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H.E. Tsem Rinpoche was born amidst auspicious signs in Taipei, Taiwan, on 24th October, 1965, to the Mongolian Princess Torgut Noyen and a Tibetan disciple of H.H. the Panchen Lama. During her pregnancy, his mother experienced recurring dreams of a baby elephant wandering into her garden. She would tie the elephant to a tree – reminiscent of Buddha Shakyamuni’s mother’s dream before Lord Buddha was born.

Rinpoche's birth had similar signs to that of Buddha Shakyamuni

Just before giving birth, she dreamt of a white elephant entering her side, and of many high Lamas performing a grand puja (religious ceremony) in her house. Delivering her son was painless and easy – more signs of the arrival of a Great Being (Mahasattva) that is celebrated by the Sages and causes no suffering.

Rinpoche's birth was quick and painless for his mother - yet another sign of an attained master entering the world

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