Our Mission

5 June 2009 - 8:31am Comments Off

Kechara’s Spiritual Guide, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, has only one great wish: to bring Dharma to the lives of as many beings as possible. Rinpoche strives to inspire a greater awareness of the preciousness of spiritual treasures in every tradition and every faith.

To this end, Rinpoche was inspired to create Kechara Paradise for those who may otherwise never seek spirituality in their lives. We have the immensely rewarding opportunity to make the holy Dharma available for those who are searching for it, and for those who are meant to find it.

With care and awareness, we can open the door to Dharma for each infinitely precious sentient being. Therefore, Kechara Paradise’s mission is:

  • To spread Dharma and plant Dharmic seeds to those who are seeking for it
  • To encourage people in their Dharma practice by providing all the necessities
  • To help the poor, those less fortunate and the needy from all our proceeds
  • To serve both the spiritual and non-spiritual customers by providing a retail therapy of beauty and artistry that is authentic to the ethnicity of the Himalayans
  • To support the age-old traditional artistry and mastery of the Himalayan artisans by making their creations available to all.

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