Our History

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Artifacts and treasures
From faraway lands
Procured from various sources
To enrich your collection
Or living environment

From spiritual ornaments
To jewelry assortments
From objects of art
To crafts from artisans
Reflective of
Artistry, Beauty and Mastery
From the world’s finest places

Kechara Paradise
Is the place to find
All things
Unique and exquisite
For the individual discerning taste.

Shirley Maya Tan

Kechara Paradise started as one small store in SS2, Petaling Jaya in 2000. It began as a resource learning centre for the Himalayan arts and craft, as well as fulfilling the spiritual needs of our own Kechara members.

Today there are five beautifully appointed outlets situated in convenient locations across the Klang Valley and in Penang. Each provides a different retail experience, yet retains the signature Kechara Paradise essence.

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