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Kechara Paradise is headed by Director Paul Yap. They are supported by a team of vibrant and dedicated staff, comprised of five outlet managers and a core team of experienced retail assistants. They are the reason why KP stores exude warmth, friendship and a wealth of information.

Meet The Team

Louise Lee

Operation Manager of Kechara Paradise

Hi, my name is Louise Lee, at your service. Apart from this, I am also the Sales and Marketing manager for Kechara Discovery, specialising in the design, production and marketing of pendants and statues.

Albert Ratchaga

Manager of Kechara Paradise Sunway Pyramid

Hi, my name is Albert. I used to be a typical salesman who only kept in touch with people who can give me business. I was a free-thinker who deeply believed that money can buy anything, and solve all problems. It wasn’t until I came to know about Kechara, about His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s teachings, about cause and effect, about karma, etc, that I realised that money is not everything. It cannot buy cause and solve the effect.

Pastor Patsy Gooi

Manager of Kechara Paradise Penang

Hi, I’m Patsy, a formerly full-time housewife who is married with three grown-up kids. After being a student of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche for 15 years, during which time I learned a lot, I decided to leave my comfort zone. With Rinpoche’s blessings, I set up and now work in Kechara Paradise Penang to share what I have learnt with the public.

Girlie Ooi

Manager of Kechara Paradise SS2

Hi there, I am Girlie, born and bred on the beautiful island of Penang. I have been a student of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s since 1999, having met him through my brother Henry (who met him through our cousin Ruby!) Since completing my education, I garnered many years of working experience from a variety of fields, from secretarial to logistics. I bring this with me to my position in Kechara Paradise.

Davin Chan

Retail Supervisor

Hi, I’m Davin and before Kechara Paradise, I used to be in the bus service industry in Singapore. After six years of working abroad, I decided to come back to my homeland to build my career. Through the introduction from my friend’s cousin, I came to know about Kechara Paradise Outlets. I find this job very fulfilling as it gives me the opportunity to help a lot of people, through my own self-transformation. I love what I am doing now.

Adrian Cho

Retail Assistant

Hi, my name is Adrian and I was introduced to Kechara by my cousin, Pamela Yap. I used to work as a supervisor in a Nokia retail outlet until I joined Kechara Paradise Outlets. I really like working here because this is where I feel at home.

Eric Siow

Retail Assistant

Hi, my name’s Eric and for the past 10 years before I joined Kechara, I was working in the entertainment industry. I got to know about Kechara from the Internet and became very interested. When an opportunity opened up at Kechara Paradise, I seized the chance and am now a proud member of staff here. I am very happy working in the outlets where I can share Dharma with others, and I love my job very much.

Darren Leong

Retail Assistant

I’m Darren, formerly working in the F&B industry. I was introduced to Kechara by my friend, Davin who is also a member of staff at Kechara Paradise. Working in Kechara Paradise is not just working – with the Dharma I learn, I realise that it has changed my perspective, and taught me to think on a wider scale. Thus working in Kechara, I get to help myself and at the same time help others by sharing the Dharma with them.

Henry Anak Tataw

Retail Assistant

My name is Henry, and my previous job experience includes working as a mechanic. I was introduced to Kechara by my cousin who works in Kechara Oasis (one of Kechara’s other 13 departments). I am very happy to be able to work here as it is a totally different environment and different experience for me. Thank you very much Kechara for giving me this opportunity.

Tan Giok Leng

Retail Assistant

Hello, my name is Giok Leng, a retiree who formerly served in the Banking and Construction industries! After a few years of living a retiree’s life, I decided to go back to work. I was offered a job in the Kechara Paradise Lot 10 outlet when it first opened in 2006.

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