Kechara Sunday Dharma School

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Kechara Sunday Dharma School has been specially designed by Kechara’s Education Division to introduce students to wholesome Buddhist values and nurturing younger generation into successful and loving individuals.

The objective of this school is to guide our future leaders to live by wholesome Buddhist values in daily life, nurturing them into successful and loving individuals capable of embracing all that life has to offer. Taught through classroom and co-curricular activities, the school provides a well-rounded education ensuring the healthy development of emotional intelligence. Classes are divided into three groupings, resembling contemporary schooling systems.

Give your children the opportunity to connect with Dharma at an early age, by doing so you give them the key to success in life, which is the best gift we have to offer them, while they have a good time and making new friends.

We accept students for the following levels:


Level 1 (2-4 years old)

Level 2 (5-6 years old)


Level 1 (7-8 years old)

Level 2 (9-10 years old)


Level 1 (11-13)

Level 2 (14-16)

Classes are held every Sunday during the school term for both adults and children at Kechara House. Please visit Kechara House Front Desk to fill out your application form.


For more information regarding the Kechara Sunday Dharma School, please contact Kechara House Front Desk at +603 7803 3908; or email

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