Ladrang Lessons

15 April 2010 - 1:04am Comments Off

Last Sunday at Manjushri Class offered a little somethin’ different to the regular participants when Liaison JP Thong came to sweep away any misconceptions about the powerhouse that is Tsem Ladrang. Giving a presentation on the role and significance of the Ladrang, JP’s presentation was most timely with the impending launch of the Kechara World Peace Centre (KWPC) project. Being the private office and household of our Lama, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, it is crucial for Kechara members and friends to understand what goes on behind the mysterious curtains of the Emerald City…

Liaison JP explained that a Ladrang executes all secular matters of a Lama, allowing him to focus on teaching and spreading the Dharma. Thus, the function of Tsem Ladrang includes:

  1. taking care of Rinpoche’s personal needs
  2. connecting with his students through the various Kechara departments
  3. assisting in manifesting Rinpoche’s visions, whether it’d be our Animal Sanctuary, the new gompa, or KWPC!
  4. arranging for private audiences and divinations
  5. overseeing marketing and PR for Rinpoche and the Kechara organisation and
  6. spreading Rinpoche’s Dharma teachings, utilising the Internet and other multimedia resources (spearheaded by the Ladrang’s e-Division!)

Tsem Ladrang also plays a major role in assisting Rinpoche to help others by supporting the publication of books through Kechara Media & Publications, by connecting people to holy images and eventually Dharma via Kechara Paradise, feeding the homeless with Kechara Soup Kitchen, and connecting people to Dharma through aesthetic beauty with Kechara Saraswati Arts… amongst other things!

The message? The Ladrang has a finger in every slice of the ever-expanding Kechara pie!

From a spiritual aspect, JP explained that supporting a Lama’s work is extremely beneficial because all spiritual attainments come from the Lama; supporting his work generates a collection of merit far stronger than making offerings to Buddha statues.

By providing the necessary conditions for Rinpoche to teach and spread the Dharma with ease, many people will receive the benefits of his teachings, thus collecting merits and purifying their negative karma. JP stressed that collecting merits is extremely important as it clears obstacles for us to engage in virtuous activities, so that our Dharma practice and understanding can improve.

The session ended with an engaging, and very inspiring and personal account of how JP himself came to join Tsem Ladrang where he is now Head Liaison, leading a team of 19 dedicated Ladrang staff… and with the KWPC project being launched soon, this team are only going to grow bigger and bigger, much like every other Kechara department!

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