Ten steps to happiness (Part 7)

26 July 2011 - 12:50pm Comments Off

Whenever we cannot tolerate all the bad we have, REALLY believe in karma.


When our world falls apart, when we suffer loss, when it seems everyone is turning against us, we have to understand karma to know why we are having such bad experiences and conditions. Blaming others for our misfortune will only increase our problems and bitterness. Blaming God will not resolve our problems, but can make us even more unhappy and frustrated.

Karma is one aspect of the Law of Causality according to which all our actions are its causes and our experiences its results. Karma operates along definitive principles. Actions which are virtuous will yield happy or positive results. Results of non-virtuous actions will be states of misery and unhappiness.

With this knowledge, we should make a firm determination to abandon or refrain from committing actions which are harmful to ourselves and others. We alone are the inheritors of our own karmic actions committed in the past and present. There is no one we can blame nor can we avoid experiencing the results now and in future, if we do nothing about it and continue with our old habits.

Understanding karma gives us consolation, hope, patience and moral courage to face the trials and tribulations which are consequences of our past deeds. A firm belief in karma is a vote for living ethically by taking personal responsibility. We can definitely fulfil our wishes to have better quality of life and happiness by creating the right causes now.

The future is in our hands by working with karma. Karma is infallible, so said the Buddha who has never been known to lie nor have any reason to lie. With it we can get a guaranteed ticket to happiness or misery. Now that we know, it is our choice to make.

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