Lamrim recitation in the news

26 June 2011 - 11:14pm Comments Off

The news of Kechara House holding a 24 Hour Lamrim Recitation event has reached the pages of Chinese daily China Press!

Kechara House is organising a 24 Hour Lamrim Recitation to make our mark in the Malaysia Book of Records as the Longest Non-Stop Lamrim Recitation. The organising committee is expecting 500 participants to recite the text at the same time from 8am on 2 July to 8am on 3 July…a grand total of 24 hours!

The good news is that Kechara House now has more than 400 registered participants, which means our target of 500 participants will be achieved very soon. Many participants are those who are new to Buddhism or are not members of Kechara…we even have participants as young as seven years old, and participants as old as 70 years old!

If you are interested in marking your mark in the Malaysian Book of Records, AND gaining all of the great benefits from reciting the Lamrim, then register your name with Kechara House at +603 7803 3108 or

Click on the image above for the full version...but be warned! It may take a little longer than usual to load because the image is quite large (to ensure that the text remains legible)

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