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In conjunction with the upcoming Lamrim Recitation Retreat, Kechara House will also attempt to make a wider impression under the Malaysian Book of Records – between 2 and 3 July 2011, this central text in Buddhist study will be recited continuously for 24 hours, to make it into the Book under the category of Human Achievements.

A first for Kechara and the Buddhist community of Malaysia, this attempt will be part of a larger activity being organised by Kechara House, to achieve 8,000 recitations of this sacred text.

Touted as a “Buddhist Bible”, the Lamrim was originally written by Atisha, the foremost Indian Buddhist scholar of his time. The teachings were debated by thousands of learned monks and found to be valid, before they were passed down through many masters, including the renowned Tibetan Buddhist saint, Lama Tsongkhapa. Considered by many scholars as the Second Buddha, Lama Tsongkhapa’s fame and lineage teachings spread widely until they were adopted by the emperors of China who used their influence to promote the teachings.

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The Lamrim is a condensation of all the essential teachings of Buddha, and it was written for everyone’s benefit regardless of their spiritual level. Thus for the modern individual, there is much practical and relevant advice for seeking peace and wisdom. For practitioners, the Lamrim reveals clearly the stages of the path to enlightenment in a presentation that is easy to study and practice.

For the first time ever, Kechara House will be offering all Malaysian Buddhists the chance to find out more about this incredible text.

It is said that listening or reciting even one session of the Lamrim will bestow one with vast merits and plant powerful seeds in one’s mind to gain enlightenment in the future.

For more information and to register, call Janice Kwok on +6012 268 1999 or Sock Wan Wee +6012 208 1597.

DATE 2 to 3 July 2011
TIME 8am to 8am (24 hours)
VENUE Kechara House Gompa

General benefits of recitation for everyone

  • Our minds will be clear
  • We will experience an increase in our awareness
  • Our speech will become beautiful and eloquent
  • For older people, it will prevent a decline in their memory
  • For the young ones, they will experience an increase in their memory
  • We will gain the ability to influence others through our speech
  • We will gain quick and great wisdom
  • Upon hearing our recitation of the Lamrim, seed for a good future rebirth will be planted in the mindstreams of animals and other realm beings
  • The neighbourhood and region will have peace, harmony and stability

Specific benefits of the Lamrim

1. Protection from fears of the supernatural
We can transform such fears into positive energy, to increase our good qualities of care and concern for all living beings.

2. Protection from any kind of suffering
If we feel despondent, have worries, and nothing else works, the Lamrim offers methods which can help us deal with our situation more positively. Best of all, there are no side effects.

3. We can control our life
Confused? Not getting the results we want despite our best intentions to make things work? The Lamrim teaches us how to create the right causes for things to happen the way we wish. We can master our destiny.

4. Overcome the fear of death
Death is not necessarily the end.The Lamrim provides true knowledge which offers a definitive way out.

5. We don’t want confusion. We want PEACE
The Lamrim teaches us how to train our minds to achieve peace. When our mind is at peace, even if external circumstances are bad, we can still be happy.

6. We want to be beautiful
The key is to have inner beauty. We can plant seeds to have such a mind with qualities of wisdom and compassion. Isn’t that wish-fulfilling?

7. Self-improvement
Improving ourselves means greater freedom, more happiness and less suffering. Depending on our motivation, we can go all the way to the state of perfection.

8. Lasting happiness. We don’t want problems to keep returning
There is no ordinary knowledge in this world which can help us achieve this. That wisdom is right here, revealed in the Lamrim. We only have to hold it in our hands, and study, contemplate and meditate on it – liberation is right here in our palms. It is that easy.

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