Setrap saved my son

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Lim Boon Chai, 41 years old, never expected himself to have a son especially at his age, and his youngest daughter being 12 years old. However, the part that Lim least expected was that his son would be born prematurely, when he was only 30 weeks old.

Already a father of two girls, Lim was ecstatic he heard that his wife was pregnant with a son. Seven and a half months into her pregnancy however, his wife began to experience labour pains on morning at 2am. Rushed to hospital, the doctors there diagnosed her with high blood pressure and some other complications, leaving them no choice but to perform a Cesarean, for both the baby and mother’s safety. Lim’s son was only 1.2 kilograms when he was born in Johor Hospital.

The doctor declared that due to the complications, the boy would have defects in his ears and eyes, and therefore his family would have to provide him with special care for the rest of his life, even if he survived the premature birth.

Lim immediately called his childhood friend Wong Kok Heng (Fat Monk), a Kechara member who is a senior student of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche. After hearing the news, Wong immediately sent packets of Lord Setrap’s blessed rice to Lim. Wong instructed Lim to soak the rice in water and after doing so, to put the water constantly on his son’s lips.

Lim was also advised to chant Lord Setrap’s mantra, and to visualise Setrap and Rinpoche as one to invoke Setrap’s help. Lim’s friends in Kechara also lent a helping hand by chanting mantras and doing pujas to the dedication of Lim’s son.

“I went to the hospital day and night, to put the water soaked in blessed rice on my son’s lips,” recalled Lim. He highlighted, “There was a time when my son was in a critical condition. I immediately fed him a drop of blessed water and miraculously, his condition stabilised instantly.”

“With help and advice from Rinpoche and Setrap, I had strong faith that I could overcome all obstacles and challenges,” emphasised Lim who regularly attended Setrap puja at the Kechara Southern Jewel Chapel before the incident.

So bad was his son’s condition, that the boy was kept in an incubator for two months. During this time, Lim was not allowed to travel for work, which he does frequently, because he had to be on stand by in case a blood transfusion for his son was necessary.

Despite such conditions, after two months, Lim’s son discharged from the hospital with a clean bill of health.

Lim thanked Rinpoche and Wong for their advice and help throughout the entire ordeal, saying, “Even though I do not fully understand what Rinpoche says in English, I do feel the love and compassion from him.”

Lim met Rinpoche two years ago in Batu Pahat, when his personal life was not going well. Suffering from marital and business problems, Lim said that he felt lost and confused, and that things lifted after “Rinpoche told me that everything will be alright.”

All Rinpoche asked him to do was Setrap’s practice and Guru Yoga. Lim says he did as he was advised and since then, his business has improved and he has successfully cleared his debts as well. Something that he never expected was for his wife, who was uncomfortable with his practice, to take the initiative to visit Kechara’s gompa when Rinpoche performed the baby blessing ceremony last May.

“My wife and I now communicate more and I am now a happier, less hot-tempered and a more open person,” shared Lim with a happy and contended voice over the phone. Lim also hopes to find more suitable places in Batu Pahat to perform Setrap practice regularly, so that others may share in the benefits that Setrap’s practice can give them.

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