Food Distribution 14th – 20th March 2011

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We distributed 1,678 packs of food to the homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur of which 640 packs were given out from the Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) building during the week, 290 packs from our mobile kitchen, 70 packs in the evening rounds and 678 packs in the midnight rounds.

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Distribution from the Soup Kitchen

Monday 14th – Friday 18th March 2011 @ 1100 to 1300 hrs

A total of 678 packets of food were distributed from our soup kitchen this week.

Over the week, there were new clients at our soup kitchen because Archdiocesan Office for Human Development (AOHD) was closed for two days after a fight broke out on their premises – according to some of our new clients, two clients fought to queue at AOHD’s soup kitchen. We also noticed some of our regular clients were missing.

Food distribution from the kitchen went smoothly throughout the week.

Distribution from our Mobile Soup Kitchen

Monday 14th – Friday 18th March 2011 @ 1330 to 1430 hrs

We distributed 290 packets of food in Kampung Bellamy this week.

Our volunteers were happy that our blind client who has recently been absent, showed up to receive his food. He told the team that he had recently been away in Brickfields visiting his friends.

On their way to Kampung Bellamy, the team also searched surrounding areas for more potential clients. They did not find anyone, but instead bumped into one of their regular clients Ah Keong, who was collecting recyclables. Having lost track of time because he was busy, Ah Keong was surprised and happy to see the team. They gave him a packet of food before proceeding to their usual drop off area.

Mobile food distribution went smoothly throughout the week.

Midnight Rounds

Saturday 19th March 2011 @ 2130 hrs

51 volunteers distributed 678 packets of food to our clients tonight.

The team covering Petaling Street came across an elderly man sleeping at a bus station. The 60-year old Mr Yeap, a former cook in a restaurant in Johor Bahru said he had spent the past few nights sleeping in the bus station. He said that his wallet had been stolen, and he has no family to go back to. Our volunteers handed him a map to our soup kitchen to seek further assistance.

In Masjid India, the team covering Dang Wangi spent some time speaking to a few clients who expressed they were seeking employment. Ridhuwan, who has experience as a waiter, was singled out by a volunteer who said that he is also willing to be a lorry driver. Ridhuwan was given a map to our soup kitchen to seek further assistance.

It was drizzling in Cahaya Suria when the team were about to begin distribution. The Assistant Team Leader asked our clients to queue up in front of some shops opposite the regular distribution spot. The distribution went well despite the relocation and slight inconvenience.

KSK volunteers were able to speak to a 60-year old Malay lady named Halimah. Saying that she is a widow, Miss Halimah also said that she has no children or any relatives, and has been sleeping on the streets for the past week. Upon hearing this, our volunteers advised Miss Halimah to go into a shelter home instead. However, another one of KSK’s regular clients, Mr Kamal approached our volunteers after they had finished talking to Miss Halimah. Mr Kamal told our volunteers that Miss Halimah actually has six children, and that she ran away from the welfare home in Mersing.

Food distribution went smoothly and ended around 12.30am.

Evening Rounds

Sunday 20th March 2011 @ 1700 hrs

Eight volunteers distributed 70 packets of food in the areas of Brickfields and Petaling Jaya this evening.

It was drizzling just before the teams set off to their respective distribution routes. The volunteers were relieved when it stopped drizzling the moment they arrived at their respective destinations, and they were also very glad that many of our clients could be found at their regular areas.

In Brickfields, the team were shocked to receive the news of the passing of one of our regular clients, Apu. His friend, Mr Ronny told volunteers that Apu had died from tuberculosis; police and the ambulance service were at the monorail station to remove his body after they were alerted by Mr Ronny. Obviously distraught by the passing of his friend, KSK volunteers spent some time consoling him.

In Kampung Cempaka, the team were invited to visit Mr Lau who has been sick for the past week. Mr Lau was very happy to see our KSK volunteers and explained his condition to them. According to Mr Lau, he has difficulties walking because of rheumatic pain in his right leg. Currently using crutches, Mr Lau has been receiving medical attention from a nearby doctor. He is following the doctor’s advice to rest for a few weeks, before he starts walking again to collect recyclables.

The team also bumped into Syed after weeks of fruitless searching around the Kayu Ara mosque. Syed explained to them that he actually stayed in another mosque where he kept his belongings. Our volunteers found Syed to be in a healthy condition. They were also able to speak to a new client, Anuar, who is jobless and sleeps at the mosque with Syed.

Food distribution went smoothly.

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