Offerings: An essential practice

5 May 2011 - 3:09am Comments Off

If you take a look at any Buddhist practitioner’s altar, you will find they do extensive offerings. Ever wonder why Buddhists make such substantial offerings? And just who are they making these offerings to? Are they actually praying to a statue?

Simple offerings of many candles or...

Come to Chinese Manjushri Class and have all of your questions answered, from “What can I offer?” to “What motivation should I have when making offerings?”, from “What is the best offering to our Guru and Buddha?” to “What is a sublime offering?”!

...extensive offerings, which is correct? Find out this Friday!

If you are new (or not so new!) to Buddhism, or simply intrigued by the questions posed above, then come to this Friday’s Chinese Manjushri Class where Dr Lanse Chiah will shed some light on these questions about your practice.

Have your puzzles solved on…

DATE 6 May 2011
TIME 8pm to 10pm
VENUE Kechara House (Sunshine Room)

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