Food Distribution 28th February – 6th March 2011

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We distributed 1,669 packs of food to the homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur of which 616 packs were given out from KSK building during the weekdays, 283 packs from our mobile kitchen, 70 packs during the evening rounds and 663 packs in the midnight rounds.

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  • Berjaya School of Culinary Arts

Distribution from our Soup Kitchen

Monday 28th February – Friday 4th March 2011 @ 1100 to 1300 hrs

A total of 616 packets of food were distributed from our soup kitchen this week, to an average of 123 clients per day.

Over the week, our volunteers distributed a few packets of food to some clients who are mentally challenged. They usually walk pass our soup kitchen, but do not stop to collect food from us. Until this week, our volunteers had been trying for quite some time to approach them. The clients were visibly happy with the packets of food that they received, but did not seem to understand when we told them to come for regular meals at our soup kitchen.

Food distribution from the kitchen went smoothly throughout the week with no untoward incidents.

Distribution from our Mobile Soup Kitchen

Monday 28th February – Friday 4th March 2011 @ 1330 to 1430 hrs

We distributed 283 packets of food in Kampung Bellamy this week.

Our team of volunteers ventured into a new area in Kampung Bellamy and found another 10 families who qualified for our food. The new area is quiet compared to the ones our volunteers normally visit, probably because it is situated next to a Chinese cemetery.

On their way to the new area, they met an old lady who was on her way home after collecting a packet of food through her friend from the usual drop off spot. Madam Thye has cataract problem and stays with her son and daughter in-law who both work during the day. Despite her age, the 80-year old Mdm. Thye is still going strong and often walks to wherever she has to go, despite the rough terrain of her area and her vision problems. With the help of Mdm. Thye, the team got to know a few more clients in the neighbourhood and have begun giving them food too.

Our volunteers also found a family of seven living together in a wooden house next to a cemetery. The head of the family, Siew told the KSK team that he lives with his two brothers, and four nephews and nieces. The family survives from selling recyclable items and they were very happy to receive our food packets.

Mobile food distribution went smoothly throughout the week.

Midnight Rounds

Saturday 5th March 2011 @ 2130 hrs

85 volunteers distributed 663 packets of food to our clients tonight.

Master chefs from Mandarin Oriental Hotel prepared 500 packets of food to give out to the homeless and less privileged in Kuala Lumpur tonight. Mandarin Oriental is the second of many other hotels and restaurants participating in this community project undertaken by the founder of Malaysia International Gourmet Festival Dato’ Steve Day. KSK President, Dato’ Ruby Khong together with Dato’ and Datin Steve Day were present at our soup kitchen together with representatives and the Mandarin Oriental chefs to distribute food to our walk-in clients. In the meantime, our volunteers distributed the remaining packets of food to our clients on our usual rounds.

In Dang Wangi area, our team of volunteers distributed some clothes to our clients there. The team’s leader highlighted that most of our clients there hide behind the pillars to avoid detection from the authorities. Our clients there reported that regulars raids have been conducted throughout the week.

In the Bangkok Bank area, our volunteers came across a frustrated client who not only declined our food but scolded our volunteers. The angry client also asked them to leave the place and not to continue giving food to the clients there. Our volunteers did not react to him and went back into their vehicles. As they were about to leave, the client hurled a stone and it hit one of the vehicles. Fortunately, before he could do further damage, the angry client was stopped by another client who saw the incident and helped to pacify the situation.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident. The volunteers later learned that the client was frustrated because he had been chased away from his usual sleeping place in a building nearby. He believed that it was the media attention which had highlighted their presence in the area.

Apart from this incident, food distribution was otherwise smooth and ended around 1am.

Evening Rounds

Sunday 6th March 2011 @ 1700 hrs

Eight volunteers distributed 70 packets of food in the areas of Brickfields and Petaling Jaya this evening.

Our volunteers were distributing in Brickfields when a regular client Charlie came running towards them for his packet of food. Our volunteers told him that they had been looking for him but he could have missed them.

Another regular client nicknamed Chicken was waiting for our team to arrive at a staircase of a building. He told the team that he will wait at the exact spot every week for the packet of food. He then left hurriedly with the food to his workplace across the road.

Our volunteers also met Mr Lai again, after seeing him at an earlier stop. He was cooking instant noodles in a cup, after buying hot water from a coffee shop. Having not eaten for some time, Mr Lai told the volunteers that the food that he had was not enough for him.

In Petaling Jaya, our volunteers were delighted to learn that two of our younger clients have managed to find jobs as lorry assistants. Our volunteers were in the midst of distribution when they ran into one of the two men, who said they are both now off the streets as hostel is provided by their new employer. Therefore they no longer have to live in the wet market.

Food distribution went smoothly.

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