Wesak Fair 2011

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Yes it sounds clichéd, but really, how time flies! It is almost as if we just had the Kechara Wesak Fair, but that was one year ago, believe it or not! Now we are gathering steam for the next one…

Celebrated this year on 7 May, 10 days prior to the actual Wesak Day, Wesak Day is a day of great meaning for all Buddhists. The annual event marks three momentous events in Buddha’s life – his birthday, Enlightenment, and passing into parinirvana (death). As a Being who conquered the cycle of karma, through his life and passing into clear light, Buddha Shakyamuni showed us the total control of his mind, death and rebirth.

The impact of Lord Buddha’s life has been felt by generations of Buddhists since the day he first turned the wheel of Dharma, when he made it possible for countless suffering beings to find relief. Wesak Day is also special to Buddhists because the day Lord Buddha was born was the day the world regained our opportunity to find permanent, lasting happiness.

Thus it is no surprise that Buddhists all over the world gather every year to celebrate Lord Buddha and his ultimate kindness to us.

This year, Kechara House will be organising a day of fun-filled activities for you and your whole family…and we have a real treat in store for you! For the first time ever, we have invited a face-changing performance artist to showcase his skills to all of us! This is something you do not want to miss out on!

Come and take part in the fun and games with your children, or pick up a real bargain at the Value Buy bazaar selling extra cheap items! You can get your weekly shopping done at our groceries stall, right after you pick up the perfect flowers to decorate your home with. If all this shopping makes you hungry, there will be plenty of delicious vegetarian food and drinks on offer…and fear not for your waistline! Grab a new pair of trousers (with an elastic waistband perhaps?) at the stalls selling clothes, or get your health checked out at our health screening and TCM consultation booth.

Or maybe some physical activity is more your style? There will be a live capoeria demonstration in the afternoon, right before our highly-popular magic show makes its return this year.

Throughout this auspicious day, you will also be able to make candle, pearl, khata or incense offerings at our gompa, or take part in the bathing of Yellow Dzambala (Buddha of Wealth).

You will also have the chance to practice altruism, the pinnacle of Buddhist practice, by making donations and by volunteering. Doing Dharma service to benefit others, donating our money and time in support of our Guru and our Dharma centre (which is to benefit many), participating in pujas, helping other people along their practice and getting along with each other in the process – all of these are powerful purification and preliminary practices. They are all examples of Dharma-in-action, a much quicker route towards results and attainments, as we are taught by our Guru…

So let us make full use of this opportunity on Kechara Wesak Fair! Bring your friends and family and head on down to Kechara House on 7 May 2011.

DATE 7 May 2011 (Saturday)
TIME 9am to 9pm
VENUE SunwayMas Commercial Centre Playground (opposite Aman Suria)
COUPONS RM20 per booklet (10 x RM2 coupons per book)

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