Welcome aboard, Cynthia!

11 March 2011 - 1:06am Comments Off

Cynthia Ng, the mother of an adorable one-year old baby girl, and her husband have been following His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche for many years now. Being grateful and having benefited from Rinpoche’s teachings, Cynthia is also been inspired by the work ethic and attitude of many Kecharians. For these reasons, Cynthia explains, she has chosen to join Kechara on a full-time basis, to benefit and bring happiness to other people.

She wishes to use her knowledge gathered from the teachings to share with the many people who enter Kechara daily. Without surprise, her motivation has led her to join Kechara Care, the department that serves as a one-stop destination for the welfare of all newcomers.

It is a perfect job for Cynthia as there are many visitors who wish to find out more about Rinpoche’s teachings, about spirituality in general and about the various departments of Kechara. With her knowledge and experience, we look forward to Cynthia representing our organisation well!

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