Creating your own Sanctuary of Peace

A step-by-step guide for setting up a place for prayer

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Altars are a sacred place where we can focus our spiritual meditations. Many new Dharma practitioners are mystified by what should go on an altar and how to look after it. There are also many superstitions around altars, stemming from a lack of knowledge regarding their care – questions asked include whether the Buddha statue can be moved around, or whether the altar can only be cleaned on certain days.

The benefits of creating a beautiful altar and making offerings are immeasurable. Our wishes become fulfilled and our fears end.

Dharma Starts at home, DVD

Sharon Saw, editor and writer with Kechara Media & Publications, will share on the traditional set-up of an altar and the significance of the various holy objects.

DATE 27 February 2011
TIME 2pm to 4pm
VENUE Kechara House (Multi-function room, Ground Floor)

All Kechara Sunday Talks are also streamed live online for our friends abroad. Simply log into and join in the wisdom, no matter where you are! For more information, contact [email protected].

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