Preserve the environment, start recycling!

10 February 2011 - 4:10am Comments Off

Every Malaysian throws away an average of 1kg of waste each day. That shocking number is why Malaysia is among the countries with the highest rate of waste generation. Can you imagine yourself living with piles and piles of rubbish next to your house?

Well, that will happen one day if we do not find ways curb the problem. Currently, there are more than 200 landfills all over our country, and over 70% of the waste in them is recyclable in our country. It really does boggle the mind!

No one wishes to sleep and eat beside a landfill, so let us make sure that our beautiful country does not turn into a giant landfill…please start recycling, now!

The Kechara Earth Project (KEP) will be having our Recycling Day on 13 February (Sunday), from 9am to 12pm at the SunwayMas Commercial Centre playground, opposite the main entrance of Aman Suria.

Please come by this Sunday to drop off your recyclables. Join with us to save the earth and to preserve the beautiful environment for our future generations.

For those who are attending the 2011 Grand Setrap and Dzambala Puja, please bring along your recyclables as well. KEP will be setting up a collection booth outside the gompa (near the Good Year Tyre shop). We will be operating from 10am to 9pm, so you will have ample time to give us your recyclables.

What can you recycle?

  • PAPER: we collect all coloured and non-coloured paper such as newspaper, magazines, books, pamphlets, cards, envelopes and carbon boxes.
  • PLASTIC: we collect all drinking bottles, containers, mineral bottles and detergent bottles.
  • ALUMINIUM: we accept all types of aluminium and steel cans like drink cans and food cans.

You can also take advantage of our event to participate in our Grand Setrap and Dzambala Puja happening at the gompa which is a few minutes walking distance away. Talk about double blessings!

Our booth during this two day event will seek to educate the public on the benefits of preserving our environment through recycling. We will also have a small exhibition to show videos on environmental issues to raise environmental awareness.

Remember that when discarded items are placed in your regular rubbish bin, they will be used to cover landfills. When items are placed in recycling containers, they can be reused to produce new products…so let us begin recycling today, to ensure Malaysia remains beautiful forever!

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