Beautiful Dukar Statue By KSA

2 May 2009 - 10:34am 1 Comment

This glorious Goddess Dukar statue made from brass material is beautifully transformed into an object of an enlightened mind by our very own Kechara Saraswati Arts, the 1st Tibetan Art Studio in South East Asia (see before in plain brass and after).

BEFORE: Dukar in plain brass

Her face is painted with real Gold dust and she is adorned with real jewels and pearl ornaments.
Her “pangden” (skirt) is sewn by KSA’s sewing department in Tibetan traditional brocade and all is done with careful detail and care.

AFTER: Dukar painted & decorated

It is very fortunate for anyone who is wise to find every possible opportunity to collect merit for this life and their future lives. One of the many ways to purify and collect merit for one’s body, health and longevity is to beautify a Buddha statue in this way.  If you can’t do it yourself,  KSA will be delighted in helping you obtain this wonderful merit making opportunity by beautifying your Buddha.

KSA also does statue restoration so for more information call KSA at +603 7880 6768.

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