Fill your month with some wisdom!

12 January 2011 - 6:22pm 1 Comment

Celebrity and famous television host Oprah has her own book club, and it is so popular and highly-regarded that almost all books listed by Oprah will sell like hotcakes! In Kechara, we aim to have a similar book club, to share with you all some good spiritual books on monthly basis.

The Chinese Book Club is starting soon, and has plenty of activities in store for Kechara members and friends…we’re going to fill you with some wisdom!

We plan to introduce works from Kechara House’s Spiritual Guide His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, from Osho (the Indian spiritual teacher with an international following) and from German-born writer, public speaker and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle.

Each book club session will begin with a sharing on the background of the author, followed by an introduction of the selected book and a reading from the book.

First up will be Rinpoche’s Nothing Changes published by Kechara Media & Publications (KMP). A compilation of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s teachings, Nothing Changes includes extracts from Why I Make Myself Unhappy, Nothing Changes Everything Changes, Sayonara to Depression and The Enemy Within, all translated into Chinese. The teachings in this book emphasise two important points – transformation is internal, taking place in our hearts and minds, and when our perception changes, everything in our lives changes.

TIME 8:30pm to 9:30pm
VENUE Multi-purpose hall, Kechara Gompa

Date Title Author
10 January 2011 (Mon) Nothing Changes Tsem Rinpoche
17 February 2011 (Thurs) While I Still Can Tsem Rinpoche
14 March 2011 (Mon) Peace Tsem Rinpoche

To make your enquiries, or for any further information, please contact Indy Wong at +6012 345 1261.

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  1. Thank you Chinese Team for making Rinpoche’s teachings available to many in Chinese in this Book Club.

    Many should attend the book club because it will not only benefit you but also be fun to have discussions with peers on this crucial subject of Spirituality in our lives – a much needed ingredient to happiness.