Dharma care package

26 January 2011 - 2:24am Comments Off

Dear Tsem Rinpoche,

I cannot say how much I have benefited from your teachings. Everything about the way you present the Dharma is inspiring and a teaching in itself. You have shown your tremendous devotion to your holy gurus and have inspired me to have deep faith in my compassionate gurus as well. I feel that every one of your teachings on YouTube and through other means of communication is a deep and transforming blessing for my mind. I have really learned to be more real with myself in this past year. It is as though, although you do not know me personally, you gear your teachings specifically to fit what is going on in my life. I cannot thank you enough for this. Now, sometimes I will watch a YouTube teaching of yours while I have a friend over and they will start watching to see what it’s all about. I have excitedly seen them already thinking a little bit differently about how life works. Thank you.

A little more than one year ago, you sent me what I call my “Dharma care package”. It consisted of many books, teachings, Tara and Lama Tsongkhapa pendants, and a mala. I have yet to finish reading through all of the books due to my laziness, but I am working my way through the precious lamrim. I feel that these gifts have truly blessed and hooked me into Dharma, and have helped me to grow spiritually and as a human being. You have inspired me to continue to mature and become a true spiritual practitioner. As the new year approaches and we all make our little resolutions to change ourselves for the better, I have decided to make a few. This coming year, I commit to total vegetarianism. I wish to offer my efforts to my Gurus and to you so that you may have a long life and that your efforts be effective. Please continue to teach the Dharma just as you have done so skillfully in the past so that many more people like me can benefit. Please remain here so that you can help out so many beings without limit.

Tyler Mihalson

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