Our History

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All the colours and life
Of this earth
Captured exquisitely on a canvas,
All that’s beautiful and meaningful
Immortalised on a sculpture,
A lifetime of teachings
Through Arts and Craft
At the stroke of a brush
With Saraswati
As our Divine Guide.

Shirley Maya Tan

Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA) started in a small room of Kechara’s very first Dharma shop, Kechara Paradise SS2 in Petaling Jaya. There, a small group of students and volunteers learnt how to string malas, paint statues, adorn statues and roll mantras. They were much inspired by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s vision to bring high quality, iconographically-accurate statues to everyone, at reasonable prices.

Rinpoche bestowed the name “Saraswati Arts” to invoke the blessings of the Buddha of Arts, the Goddess Saraswati. As the female Buddha of knowledge, learning, wisdom, music and the arts, Saraswati is propitiated by all who are committed to the pursuit of knowledge, including artists, students, teachers, scholars and scientists.

Saraswati plays the veena, an ancient guitar-like instrument. It symbolises the mind and intellect. Her iconography illustrates that those who invoke her blessings will be able to attune and transform their minds, to acquire and utilise knowledge for the ultimate goal – Enlightenment.

Saraswati’s name in Tibetan is YangChenma; in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, she is the consort of Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom. With Saraswati as KSA’s Divine Patron, artistry, beauty and spirituality blossom in complete harmony.

Through their passion and dedication, and Rinpoche’s blessings, KSA grew to occupy their own premises. On 11 October 2006, KSA opened its doors to welcome anyone who is interested in learning about Himalayan arts and craft, and who is keen to cultivate their artistic skills.

Today, KSA offers a comprehensive list of services and activities ranging from statue painting, sewing, mantra rolling, beading, jewellery, thangka painting, stringing of malas, to flower arrangement. KSA is also expanding its range of activities, to include services like gift wrapping and tsa tsa making.

Kechara Saraswati Arts – where beauty, artistry and spirituality reside in total harmony.

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