A happy Christmas for Nicola

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What would you do if you had an itch? Scratch it? So would a dog. But what would you do if you had ticks, fleas and bugs crawling all over you? Go and see a doctor? A dog cannot do that.

Fortunately for Nicola, Kechara was there just when she needed us. On 18 December 2010, Nicola was found wandering on her own with fleas, ticks and bugs crawling all over her. She was so full of creepy crawlies that her skin appeared to be moving on its own accord. She was also limping badly and on closer inspection, her rescuers saw abscesses on her paws.

Nicola when she was first found

Concerned for her health, Khong Jean Ai and Shin Tan immediately whisked her away to the nearest veterinary clinic where she was treated immediately for the creepy crawlies. They were so trapped in her fur that it took several sprays and rubs of Frontline to clear most of the parasites.

Due to her size, Jean Ai and Shin thought she was around two to three months old – they were surprised when the doctor put her age closer to five months. However, the doctor attributed her size to her breed, and not to malnourishment. In fact, the doctor said that aside from her current condition, she was otherwise a strong and healthy dog, having survived for so long with the parasites.

Thirsty and exhausted, she lapped up the water that her rescuers put in front of her

Since her initial treatment, Nicola has also been treated for her abscesses which have responded well to antibiotics. She has been given a clean bill of health, free of the usual diseases that might be fatal to dogs, and has shown a good appetite. After receiving her first set of vaccinations, Nicola will be moving to a Dharma house on 24 December, possibly the best present this little tyke will receive this Christmas.

Nicola will remain there, with lots of love, toys and cuddles until someone decides to let her into their hearts. If you wish to adopt Nicola, please contact Kechara Animal Sanctuary by calling +6010 322 6666 or emailing kas@kechara.com for further information…start the new year with an act of compassion!

Nicola slept on the entire journey to the clinic

Arriving in the vet, she was still sleeping

After the various tests were conducted on her, she fell back asleep...it must be exhausting having bugs feed on you constantly!

One week later, and Nicola is nearly ready to go home!

A happy and alert Nicola, a far cry from when she was first found

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