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Jace (right) shares the story of her spiritual journey so far

At last week’s Chinese Manjushri Class, Kechara InMotion’s (KIM) head of department Liaison Han Siew Fong and staff Jace Chong shared the story of their spiritual journeys. They also explained the function and role of KIM in spreading the teachings of Lama Tsongkhapa and His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche.

Before joining KIM, Jace was a television production crew member working hard to make her dreams come true, content to keep doing so even when she had as little as two hours of sleep each night. Her efforts paid off when, after five years, she was finally promoted to deputy programme director. Despite experiencing success however, Jace found she was not happy. Something was missing in her life.

The group listened intently throughout

Jace recalled when two of her colleagues rushing to a shoot location were killed in an accident. The incident was a big blow and made her question the meaning of life; she left her job to travel in New Zealand, to do some contemplation. After her return, she came to know about Kechara House’s weekly Setrap puja and began attending the Tuesday sessions, finding herself full of positive energy after each puja.

Expanding from the weekly puja, Jace then became a volunteer for KIM and Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK). When the opportunity arose, she took part in the Tsongkhapa stage play and found that the more involved she was with Kechara, the happier she became. She realised that her joy and happiness did not come from how much money she earned but from how much love and care for others she delivered.

Miss Han shares her experiences in Dharma

This feeling of satisfaction led her to choose Dharma as a career. By joining KIM, Jace explained that she has the opportunity to apply her skill and knowledge in video production to help spread Rinpoche’s teachings…and what could be a better way to get satisfaction than that?

Jace’s boss Han Siew Fong followed with the story of her spiritual journey. Miss Han, as she is affectionately known, joined Kechara House about four years ago. Now leading KIM under Rinpoche’s guidance, the department’s mission is to bring Rinpoche’s Dharma teachings to the global audience using the various creative media channels.

Miss Han began her leadership on a purely voluntary basis and until January 2010, she experienced obstacles in joining full-time. It was not until she realised KIM was not growing quickly enough that Miss Han knew she had to step in to nurture KIM’s expansion. Since becoming KIM’s head of department, Miss Han has been raising funds for her team and setting up KIM’s own office. It is a challenge she has accepted without any doubt, such is the trust she has in her guru.

Producing Rinpoche’s teachings for the different media channels is an end-to-end process for KIM – they do all of their own filming, subtitling, editing and producing. Miss Han sometimes listens to recordings repeatedly, filling her with positive energy and a greater determination to do more Dharma. Filming and recording also gives Miss Han the opportunity to be close to Rinpoche, through his words and deeds which she says are full of bodhicitta and a care for all sentient beings, even stray dogs.

Miss Han described one incident during the pilgrimage to Nepal, when Rinpoche asked the pilgrims to pray for their enemies. It was an unforgettable moment for Miss Han, who was also amazed by the Nepalese who live in a country with limited resources, but yet remained filled with powerful spiritual energy.

In describing their spiritual journeys, Miss Han and Jace show that no two people’s spiritual journeys are ever exactly the same. For the myriad mindsets that exist out there, Rinpoche has created 13 departments in Kechara to help people do Dharma using the skills they already have…even if your skills are not as specialised and unique as Miss Han’s and Jace’s!

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