Part 2 – Importance to Go for Dharma Teachings

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I used to grab the opportunity to wash Sharpa Choje along with his servant. He would always say, “No, no, no, no.” I would beg because that’s what it says in the 50 Verses of Guru Devotion and I believe in the verses. In any case, he is the Lord of the Dharma of the East. In all of the eastern direction, he is the Lord. There is no one greater. But when Lati Rinpoche gave teachings, Sharpa Choje still attended his talks. Lati Rinpoche is Sharpa Choje’s guru but lower in rank than him. Sharpa Choje is like 70 years old and he still attends the Dharma talk. I was shocked.

At that time I spent a lot of time in my house because I had a very nice house; really, it’s was a very nice house. I was very comfortable. I had my hot water heater. I had electricity and when there was none, I had a generator. I can’t live without hot water and other luxuries. I even had netting on my windows so mosquitoes wouldn’t come in and feed on me. No, seriously if you think it’s not a big deal, it is, it’s a big deal because netting is expensive. I had beautiful flowers. I had a lot of servants in my house, a lot of assistant monks. I could eat what I wanted. I had my own cook. I had my people. I changed my clothes maybe 2-3 times a day. They would wash it all. No problem. Sometimes when I felt they were smelly, they would boil my clothes outside and wash it. They would do anything for me.

“I’ve heard it all, Lamrim, Lamrim, Schlamrim. I’ve heard it all,” I thought. I really thought that. “And I am not going to go to these teachings. I am not going to attend and I am not going to these pujas.” No, really I did that for years. I am famous for skipping pujas and skipping things in the main monastery because I had a nice house.

No really, I did that for a long time. Khensur Rinpoche scolded me and all that but one day, my mind changed because of Lati Rinpoche who is junior in rank to Sharpa Choje.

Tsem Rinpoche

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