Gompa update – 14 September 2010

14 September 2010 - 1:24am 1 Comment

David, Jamie, Susan and Yek Yee look the part as they play the part!

This week at the gompa construction site saw four interesting characters – the Kechara Media & Publications (KMP) crew David Lai, Jamie Khoo, Susan Lim and Kok Yek Yee – get first hand experience in the making of our gompa! Since Tuesday last week, they have worked alongside the construction crew from 8am until late evening every day, doing everything from seeing how each brick is laid to clearing debris. They got down and dirty; shoveling gravel, carrying bricks, balancing the wheelbarrow precariously on a single plank, transporting items for the workers and hauling buckets of sand in their bright yellow hardhats and construction shoes!

The air-conditioning ducts being assembled

Liaison Ngeow Voon Chin gave the new labourers a beginners’ introduction to construction, covering safety, some terminology, and what the work of various key members entails.

As well as learning all about construction, they also had personal learning experiences. Yek Yee and David especially, overcame their fear of heights and were up on the mezzanine floor, passing bricks to the workers. All of them have never had such a rigorous workout in their lives!

Construction work is set to speed up this week after the Raya celebrations. Just this morning, trucks delivered more sand, stones, and bags of cement. This week, the huge, high walls will be plastered, the wiring will be put in, air-con ducts will be installed, and much more. So do swing by the gompa and see how things change on a daily basis!

The workers cut bricks to fit

The gompa takes shape as the bricks go in, with the KMP crew's help

The KMP crew also help to clear up

The facade wall is in progress

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  1. Dear Jamie, Susan, David & Yek Yee: I hope you knew just how proud we are of you in this new assignment and taking it in stride, yet manage to smile all the time. We love you!