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Take a closer look at the wonderful people of Kechara Media & Publications (KMP). Learn about their roles in KMP, why they work for a Buddhist publishing house, and what they have planned next. See how their dedication has brought the publishing house this far, and find out how you can help KMP take their teachings to a bigger and wider audience.

We always welcome people to join us as we continue to grow and produce more publications and bring Dharma teachings out to the public. We are looking for people to help with transcribing, translation, writing, typing, editing or graphic design. If you are interested in joining us or in contributing in any way towards the production of books, DVDs and online teachings, please contact us, no matter where you are in the world. We’d love to have you on board!

Phng Li Kim

Chief Executive Officer

Li Kim brings to Kechara Media & Publications extensive entrepreneurial and team building skills. Upon graduation from Pepperdine University, California, Li Kim returned to Malaysia to take the role of Director of Operations and Administration in the family business of latex examination and surgical gloves manufacturing. Shortly after, Li Kim started another factory producing Dental prostatic and orthodontic plates while still running her family business. By then, she was managing close to 800 foreign and local personnel on a daily basis.

Because of Li Kim’s passion in working with people, she embarked on a new career path in network marketing and in four years, she successfully built a network of more than 5000 people. Due to her unending quest to learn, she got involved in another business of her own in digital signage solutions.

Today, Li Kim leads KMP’s direction and is responsible for its day-to-day operations, strategic business planning, project management, human resource and finance. She is committed to do all it takes to take KMP global to spread the Dharma teachings and works of H. E. Tsem Rinpoche to everyone everywhere.

As a member of Kechara’s Board of Directors, Li Kim believes that there is more to life than success stories, materialistic gains and shallow relationships. She has in a short period gained deep insights in spirituality through listening and sharing with the followers of H.E Tsem Rinpoche and her personal experience of H.E.’s teaching. Very simply she sees that Dharma practice enhances what you have and more importantly, who you are to be a better person to benefit others in many ways.

As a mother of three sons, Li Kim is dedicated to Dharma work to lead a spiritually fulfilling life, and more deeply to return the kindness and love to her parents by serving them through Dharma. While Li Kim travels the globe promoting books that have been published by Kechara, she also hosts The Paranormal Zone, a reality-based-documentary series shown nationally on ntv7 starting in October 2012 for 13 weeks. Rated the most popular locally produced English documentary on prime time national TV and garnering a viewership of 3.4 million viewers in 2012, Season 1 was re-run on ntv7 in 2014 to higher ratings. Season 2 of The Paranormal Zone showcased even more exciting content, culminating with three episodes shot in exotic Thailand, while Season 3 includes explorations to Indonesia, Borneo and Singapore.

It is of no surprise that this TV series is highly sought after as Li Kim has a natural gift of coaxing the best from her guests who appear on her program while she does her paranormal investigative work. Her sincerity, honesty and effervescence give the show a refreshing perspective on the unknown. In mid-2014, Li Kim signed an agreement for TPZ Season 1 and 2 with NBC Universal, so these 26 episodes aired regionally on NBC Universal’s Syfy Asia channel from September 2014. Syfy, the destination for imagination-based entertainment, also co-produced The Paranormal Zone, Season 3, which premiered exclusively in June 2015 .

Deborah Pereira

Production Manager

Deborah Pereira

With a degree in Business and a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, Deborah has vast experience in banking, marketing and currently, the publishing industry. A mother of two young children, Deborah has spent over 10 years in the production and administrative aspects of publishing.

As Production Manager of Kechara Media & Publications Sdn Bhd, Deborah is fortunate and eager to help bring forth KMP’s publications to its full potential, as she strongly feels the benefits of dharma will benefit many, regardless, of race, religion or creed.

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