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Kechara Discovery has designed a wide range of unique, affordable, and attractive offering and ritual items for the spiritual practitioner. With items ranging from serkyms to bhumpas to mandalas to water offering bowls, Kechara Discovery are able to cater to the offering and ritual needs of every individual.

Kechara Discovery is always updating our ritual and offering items catalogue with the latest designs. Speak to us to find out how we can upgrade and update your ritual implements; and take Vajrayana practice to newer, equally authentic heights in this region.

The Bodhisattva Manjushri once asked Buddha Shakyamuni, “One Gone Beyond, now you are the only object to whom sentient beings can make offerings. After you pass into the sorrowless state, what will sentient beings do? How will they accumulate merit when they cannot see the Buddha any more? Please advise us.”

Lord Buddha answered, “My four followers, there is not one single difference between making offerings to me now and in the future, with devotion, making offerings to my reflections. The merit is equal and the result is equal.”

Thus making offerings to a Buddha image is equivalent to making offerings to the real Buddha. Offerings create positive energy (merit) that helps us further our Dharma practice and develop good qualities such as generosity. Making offerings to the enlightened Beings is the focal point from which we can develop inner fulfillment and happiness in our lives.

Offerings are necessary to increase merit and good karma. Making generous offerings to Enlightened Beings is a very powerful tool for cutting down attachment, and is a direct cause for us to achieve their innate qualities of compassion and wisdom. By offering light (candles, butterlamps), we hope to develop the ability to understand the Dharma and dispel ignorance. Offering water creates the karma and merits to attain wealth and purify our ordinary perceptions. Offering music relieves mental, physical and emotional sufferings. Incense and flowers provide an atmosphere for us to be liked. Food ensures that we do not go hungry and will always be provided for.

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