Buddha Statues

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Kechara Discovery specialises in designing and creating beautifully crafted Buddha statues using the finest materials and latest techniques. Guided and inspired by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, and working closely with craftsmen from all over Asia, such as in China, Indonesia and locally in Kuala Lumpur, Kechara Discovery’s statues follow traditional imagery and their iconography accurately reflects what is taught in the Buddhist scriptures.

With great product diversity, competitive pricing, a wide supplier base and the highest quality statues, Kechara Discovery offers both retail and wholesale services to individuals and Dharma centers, both local and abroad. Through the depth and breadth of its experience and knowledge, Kechara Discovery also consults on the conceptual design and setup of Dharma Centres anywhere in the world.

We also offer custom-design services. Speak to us if you have any specific statue requirements, be it a rare size or a deity you cannot find anywhere.

Kechara Discovery is constantly exploring new, exciting styles and materials to create beautiful new images to suit contemporary tastes and lifestyles. Some of Kechara Discovery’s wonderful statues can be viewed below:

A Buddha statue is never just a statue. As well as bringing a pervasive energy of peace into your home and office, Tibetan Buddhist images in particular have much iconography and symbolism which are precise steps to guide us to Enlightenment.

Every one of their postures, gestures, implements and ornaments symbolises a method that we can employ to gain the wonderful qualities of peace, wisdom, compassion, harmony, long life and wealth. For example, Avalokita’s 1000 arms demonstrate the many compassionate methods he has to help sentient beings. Green Tara’s outstretched leg is a symbol of enlightened activity and her readiness to help others.

Having a Buddha image to make regular prostrations and sincere offerings to will earn us much merit, which are all-important for us to further our spiritual aspirations and practice. As we meditate on these images, they remind us that we also have these qualities within ourselves and equal potential to attain Buddhahood. Prayer to them represents our wish to gain those same sacred qualities.

To buy, just walk in to any of our retail stores or shop online at VajraSecrets.com.

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